• Are Dachshunds Yappy Dogs?

    Are Dachshunds Yappy Dogs?

    Yes, the Dachshund are yappy dogs and they love to bark a lot and bark loudly.  This is due to their breed background as a hunting dog.  They also have a rather large lung capacity, despite being such a small dog. Why are Dachshunds so Yappy? Originally bred to hunt and...

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  • Are Dachshunds Aggressive?

    Are Dachshunds Aggressive?

    Yes, the Dachshund can be aggressive due to their breeding for hunting badgers.  The good news is that with proper training and socializing this tendency can be minimized or eliminated. Aggression in Dachshunds? Aggression is a physical response that shows hostility and violence towards someone or something else.  Regardless of...

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  • Do Dachshunds Get Along with Cats?

    Do Dachshunds Get Along with Cats?

      Yes, Dachshunds can get along with cats but this will require proper training as Dachshunds sometimes have difficulty interacting with other pets and even humans.  The Dachshund is a loving breed of dog that can also be very territorial.   They were bred to hunt and scavenger out Badgers and...

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  • Do French Bulldogs and Cats Get Along?

    Do French Bulldogs and Cats Get Along?

      Yes, French bulldogs and cats can get along.  The French bulldog’s easy-going nature is all welcoming if the introduction is done slowly between them and the house cat. What Should I do Before Introducing My French Bulldog to My Cat? Before introducing your French bulldog to your cat, it...

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  • Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

    Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

    No, French bulldogs are generally not an aggressive breed.  However, there are a few occasions where you may find your Frenchie exhibiting big dog in a little dog body mannerisms.  Let us find out what aggression is, how a Frenchie might express aggression and what can be done about it....

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  • Can A French Bulldog Climb Stairs

    Can A French Bulldog Climb Stairs

      Yes, a French bulldog can climb stairs with a few exceptions.  Read on to discover when it is and isn’t a good idea to allow them to use stairs, and why. When Would it Be a Bad idea For a French Bulldog to Climb Up or Down Stairs? In...

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  • Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids?

    Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids?

    Yes, French bulldogs are great with children.  Frenchies are a very gentle and easy-going breed with lots of energy and they will add fun and excitement to a family that has children. Breed Characteristics The French bulldog was originally bred to be a companion dog which makes them the perfect...

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  • Do French Bulldogs Shed A Lot?

    Do French Bulldogs Shed A Lot?

     No, the French bulldog does not shed a lot and their coat of hair is smooth and fine making it less noticeable when then do. When Does a French Bulldog Shed? The French bulldog sheds year-round like any other dog, but minimally. Changes to weather, health, environment, pregnancy and indoor...

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  • Do French Bulldogs Bark A Lot?

    Do French Bulldogs Bark A Lot?

      No, Frenchies, as they are affectionately known, do not bark much unless they have something important to say. This is very uncharacteristic of a smaller dog breed, let us find out why. The French Bulldog and Communication All dogs will bark to communicate with those around them when they...

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  • 15 Best Dog Breeds for Active Dog Parents

    15 Best Dog Breeds for Active Dog Parents

    There are many breeds that are great for active dog owners. We’ve gone through and found some of the most active, athletic, and energetic dogs that can give most active dog parents a run for their money. Our list takes into account that many dog parents may need a smaller dog...

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  • 9 Ideas for a Dog Friendly Backyard Paradise

    9 Ideas for a Dog Friendly Backyard Paradise

    A dog friendly backyard has numerous distinct features.  It has a protective boundary that not only prevents escape but prevents uninvited guests from entering; it has an area for physical exercise and mental stimulation; it has a place with plenty of shade for a quiet nap and it is free...

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  • Are German Shepherds Aggressive?

    Are German Shepherds Aggressive?

    No, the German shepherd is not an aggressive dog but they should be trained properly.  They are a strong, capable and intelligent with strong instincts to protect and guard due to their breeding.  Read on for more information on this sometimes misunderstood but very hardworking and smart dog breed. What...

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