August 18 2019

Top 5 Dog Stories of the Week

August 9-15, 2019


Blind Man Runs Marathon

On March 15, 2019 with a team of 3 seeing eye dogs Wesley, Waffle and Gus, blind runner Thomas Panek became the first blind person to complete a half marathon.  With his tireless four-legged companions he hopes to inspire others who are blind to live life to their fullest.  You can get more information and see video highlighting his experience at

Walmart Walk-In Pet Clinics

In May of 2019, Walmart began to open clinics throughout the United States with a goal of 100 clinics.  According to and author Lauren Thomas, Walmart hopes to further cater to those customers who are pet owners around the nation by launching as well. 

Dining with Your Dog

From August 18-25, 2019 dog owners can dine out with their fury companion in Manhattan and Brooklyn during the first ever Dog Restaurant Week in the city.  Sources at and according to author Alexandra Anastasio is designed to help pet owners get out and about.  Grab that leash and find yourself a patio table for two, just you and your fur baby!

Show Stopping Service Pups

According to and author Georgia Slater, a photo has gone viral of service dogs in training that was taken last week in Ontario.  These dogs must be able to handle a variety of different scenarios, lighting, crowds, noises and remain calm while being of service to their human companions.  Looks like the theater went to the dogs!


For those looking to coordinate with their dog and author Julie Pennell highlight a new trend amongst dog owners, manicures and pedicures with your dog, complete with matching nail color.  What a great way to spend some pampering one on one time with your beloved pooch!

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