August 24 2019

The Wagging Tale

Top 5 Dog Stories of the Week August 18, 2019


National Dog Day

On Monday August 26, 2019, you can show your loyalty and devotion to your favorite pooch by taking them out for a bite to eat or other fun activities on this National holiday.  Author Jay Polish has a great article at 7 National Dog Day 2019 Deals & Freebies That Will Help You Celebrate Your Furry BFF.  For even more information check out

Graduation Day for Canines

In Ferris, Texas today August 23, 2019 a graduation ceremony was held for rescue dogs that have been trained to fight crime according to and the Fox News Staff.  Read the full story about these new heroes here Rescue Dogs Graduate K-9 Officer Training

Dogs and Loneliness

In a recent article posted on August 15, 2019 at research is being conducted on the effects of pets helping those people with loneliness.  The article website highlights the benefits of pets on our overall health.  Our recent article 11 Ways Dogs Enhance Our Health and Wellbeing at also discusses this and other ways dogs are a positive influence on our lives.

Forever Home for Senior Doggies

Contributing author Kerry Breen at a woman in North Carolina adopted 3 dogs who have been at the shelter the longest and had the most needs, providing them with a forever home on July 24, 2019 and August 2, 2019.  Older dogs who have health conditions can be harder to care for and less likely to be adopted.  See the full article Heartwarming adoption gives 3 senior dogs a forever home

Your Pooch Plays Dress up

With Halloween right around the corner, dog owners might like to see some of the latest dog costumes available for this year’s spookiest night.  Check out Best Costumes For Dogs by so you and your pooch can pick out their costume just in time the big day!

Movies go to the Dogs

According to and author Brian Alexander, filming a movie with a full cast of fur babies has its unexpected but memorable moments that will leave many laughing, including the director and other staff coordinating the production.  Check out the full article and video 'A Dog's Journey' bloopers: Watch what happens when a squirrel drives dog stars nuts

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