August 10 2019

Interesting Dog Stories of the Week


Emergency Therapy in Texas - Dogs Provide Comfort

According to CBS News and contributing author Danielle Garrand, in the wake of the El Paso, Texas shootings on Saturday, August 3, 2019, service dogs Chanel, Lady and Rudy were deployed to assist in the aftermath.

On Sunday, August 4, 2019 these dogs were flown in via Southwest Airlines from San Antonio, Texas to assist during this traumatic time.  These facility dogs are a part of the Methodist Health System which is a non-profit that trains dogs through public funding that offer this service at no cost to the community. These dogs are trained in the same methods as other therapy and service dogs with a strong focus on exemplary behavior for use with the public sector.

Through their unconditional love, patience and support, these dogs are helping relieve emotional stress and strain for the emergency caregivers such as firefighters and police officers.  Dedicated service men and woman are working hard to assist the community after this devastating event and having these dogs by their side can bring much needed relief for them.

Having to push through their own emotions can very difficult when faced with the harsh realities of this traumatic event.  The mere presence of these facility dogs is providing much needed comfort and security, helping them cope during a time of lack.

Way to go Chanel, Lady and Rudy, dogs truly are man’s best friend!

Dierks Bentley Has a New Dog for a Touring Buddy

According to People and contributing author Kate Hogan  on Thursday, August 1, 2019, Dierks Bentley bought another dog.

For those who think it isn’t possible to love country crooner Dierks Bentley any more than they already do, think again!

While visiting the Today Show where dogs where on the set for the universal adopted dog birthday “DOGust”, Bentley formed a clear and undeniable loving bond with one of the dogs.

The unexpected connection formed while Bentley was instructed to hold a Border Collie mix named Goose during the Dogust segment of the show.  This segment is designed to help encourage more people to adopt a shelter dog during the month of August.

According to Bentley, his wife Cassidy and his three children ages 10, 8 and 5 have been wanting to increase their ever-growing family by getting another dog to add to the 2 they already have.

This love at first sight moment inspired him to adopt the dog on the set of the show.

After a few hours, and a rush put on the necessary paperwork he and Goose, an 8-week old Border Collie mix became family.  He and his new companion were headed out on the next stop in his tour lineup, Buffalo, New York.

It just goes to show, one can never have enough love or too many dogs!

Kudos to Bentley on his new tour traveling companion!

Dogs in Flight

For those who love to fly the friendly skies, taking your favorite pooch along could possibly change depending on breed and temperament.  According to ABC News and contributing author David Koenig, in recent years dogs and other animals traveling with their human companions has increased dramatically forcing policies and procedure to be implemented for the safety of other passengers and airline employees.

For those with well-behaved dogs this should remain a non-issue.


Opening Doorways for the Autistic

At  NY Times author Chang Wei and contributor Guo Juan note positive results with a new and pioneering animal-assisted therapy program in China for helping Autistic individuals.  Children who have been previously unresponsive or reactive to human contact became active and interested.  This also led to some children in the study accepting human attention and interaction.

Another dog bone for animals helping the community.

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