September 01 2019

Top 5 Dog Stories of the Week August 25, 2019

 The Wagging Tale Dog News week of August 25, 2019

K-9 Puppy Shower

In an article that was recently posted on August 23, 2019 at a K-9 unit in Minnesota welcomed their newest member by having a puppy shower for him.  The article Police Department welcomes new K-9 with puppy shower is proof everyone loves a puppy shower. 

For ideas and tips on throwing a puppy shower for your new pooch check out our article

Puppy Shower – Welcoming Your New Fur Baby  


Honorary Dog

According to contributing author Joshua Bote at a very special secret service dog named Hurricane received honors on August 29, 2019 for bravely protecting the White House and President Barrack Obama during a 2014 intruder attack.  Read the full article Secret Service Dog wins UK Award stopping Whitehouse intruder.


Queen of the Waves

In a recent article posted on August 29, 2019 at the LATimes a French Bulldog named Cherie from Newport Beach won the World Dog Surfing Championship in Pacifica.  This article highlights how dogs can help charities while living an active lifestyle.  Our recent article Surfing with Your Dog – A Guide for Active Dog Owners at offers details on how to surf with your dog.


Katy Perry’s Dog Stars in Music Video

On August 30, 2019 Katy Perry and her furry best friend Nugget released a new music video for the Pop Divas song ‘Small Talk’.  Author Eric Todisco at offers a great article highlighting love and happy ever after.  To read the article check out Katy Perry’s dog Nugget Stars in Music Video for her New Single ‘Small Talk’.


Meet the 2020 Dogs of the Presidential Race

With the Presidential elections right around the corner, dog owners have as much interest in who will be the first Dog as well as the President.  You can check out Meet the Dogs of the 2020 Presidential Race at to see all the White House candidates.

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