January 15 2020

There are many breeds that are great for active dog owners. We’ve gone through and found some of the most active, athletic, and energetic dogs that can give most active dog parents a run for their money. Our list takes into account that many dog parents may need a smaller dog that is just as feisty when it comes to their running games.

Being a dog parent means enjoying the time you spend with your canine companion. So, it’s essential that you choose a dog that will join you in your favorite activities and work well for your lifestyle. So, as an avid runner, regular jogger, or active hiker, you’re going to want a dog that can keep up and take the elements in stride. 

1.  Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd dog

This breed is not only one of the best herding breeds, but they truly are happiest when they’re busy by your side. Australian Shepherds are very sweet in temperament while possessing phenomenal intelligence. Despite their substantial size, this breed is extremely agile and make the best hiking companions. The Australian Shepherd is easy to train, and they’re sure to motivate you to hit the trails as often as you’ll go. 

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2.  Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula Leopard Dog

A favorite among hunters, hikers, and outdoorsmen and women, the Catahoula makes for a great exercise partner. This stunning breed came into existence when Louisiana native peoples wanted a resilient dog that could keep up with hunting in the swamp. These dogs are the ancestors of native wild dogs and have the ability to run more than you can imagine. The breath-taking Catahoula does best with as much exercise as you can provide and it’s not afraid to get wet.


3.  Labrador or Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Running in the Snow

Retrievers are all-around reliable, energetic dogs that maintain an even-keel attitude. They love to learn new tricks and take on any endeavor you’re up for. They make great swimmers and are known as skilled hunting dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make excellent pets for families. In fact, these dogs always seem to be content and patient no matter the circumstances. If you want a running partner that will be patient with your kids, the Retriever is an excellent choice.

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4.  Jack Russell Terrier

jack russell terrier

Jack Russel Terriers are the Energizer Bunny of the small dog world. These dogs do not tire. They would be happy to run or jog alongside you daily if you’ll let them. And this small breed is one of the most loyal to their pet parents. So, if you’re short on space but big on energy, the Jack Russell may just be the tiny running companion you need.


5.  Weimaraner


The Weimaraner is not only stunning, but they are extremely athletic and agile. They are built to leap and navigate tough terrain. So, they make perfect partners for trail runners and hikers. It is likely you’ll tire out before your Weimaraner! So, keep them busy and provide as much exercise as you can for this athletic champion breed. 

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6.  Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

 The Siberian Husky is known for its great strength and ability to thrive in freezing temperatures while maintaining an unmatched work ethic. They are best known for pulling sleds across the snow and their double coat that keeps them toasty in snowy environments. This breed is a great option for running or hiking. And if you’re going on an extended hike, this dog can help carry some of your gear. Just keep in mind, that Huskies tend to slow down in the heat because they’re not built for it.


7.  Corgi

corgi dog

These pint-sized pups may be small, but boy do they pack an athletic punch. You’ll rarely find a Corgi just plopped on its bed. This breed was originally used for herding, and despite their short legs, they’re some of the best agility dogs you’ll find. This speedy breed is great if you’re looking for a small, but sturdy dog to take on hikes or jogs.


8.  Border Collie

border collie

The loyal Border Collie will keep up with the fastest sprinters or run alongside you as you bike. In fact, they have extraordinary endurance, so they won’t tire out if conditioned correctly. And this good-natured dog is easily trained and loves to be kept busy. They were originally used for herding, so expect this dog to follow behind your ankles and try to keep you in the same room as others. If you’re getting a Border Collie, be sure to train it properly and keep it mentally stimulated so it stays out of trouble.


9.  Dalmatian

Dalmation dog running

These polka-dot pups are not just for fire stations. They make excellent running partners. And these muscular dogs grow very fond of their owners which makes them great for running with at night or alone on trails. Just remember that they can suffer from hip issues, so if you want to be the pet parent to this adorable breed, check with your vet to make sure Spot is ready to hit the pavement running.


10.  Beagle

beagle dog playing fetch

Snoopy may have been modeled off a Beagle, but these dogs are sure to make any active dog owner smile. They were bred for hunting in the forest which makes them quite agile and hearty. Beagles can handle cardio like champions, but they also love fetch and hikes, too. If you’re thinking a Beagle may be the right choice for you, remember to Beagle-proof your house, because these clever fellas have a magical ability to find and break into food containers.

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11.  Shetland Sheepdog

shetland sheepdog running with ball

The Shetland Sheepdog may be a quarter of the size of a Collie, but they’re just as capable and equally beautiful. They are actually one of the most intelligent breeds in the world which proved necessary when they were most frequently used for herding sheep. And they can really let loose when they want to run! These dogs are also known for their ability to learn complex tricks, so if you’re considering a Shetland Sheepdog, make sure you’re prepared to keep it busy, busy, busy.


12.  The Mutt

mixed breed mutt dog

Mixed-breed dogs can be some of the most resilient dogs you can find. As pure-bred dogs tend to inherit genetic abnormalities, mutts seem to become healthier and healthier the more that goes into their genetic makeup. If you’re looking for a running, hiking, biking, or jogging buddy, check out your local animal shelters and meet some of the lovable options. Mutts can be some of the most loyal, eager-to-please, and hearty dogs.


13.  Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog will make sure you have a G’day, mate! They have a strong herding instinct and are known to round up all the kids in a household when bored. This breed is known as a good thinker and hard worker which makes them great as a fishing companion, jogging partner, or running buddy. If you’re considering an Australian Cattle Dog, make sure you have plenty of time to train this dog so it stays out of trouble and feels like it has a job to do.


14.  Poodle

poodle dog running

This gorgeous breed may seem like its favorite activity is hitting up the local groomer, but the Poodle makes for a wonderful partner to any active pet parent. They love sprinting and can most likely outrun you if let off-leash. And their stamina is unmatched in addition to the fact that Poodles are just darn smart. So, if you’re looking for a dog that can challenge your endurance, pick up a Poodle and remember they don’t mind getting muddy despite their prim appearance and reputation.

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15.  German Shepherd Dog

german shepherd

This working dog was originally used for herding sheep. This means the German Shepherd is agile, intelligent, and tireless. These dogs are known for their ability to master complex commands and their ability to read their owner’s body language. They are extremely agile which means they’re great for running in the woods and keeping up while jogging up inclines. German Shepherds are most happy when you keep them busy.

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Final Thoughts

No matter which breed you choose, remember to always have fun, take pictures, and keep your dog by your side!  Be sure to ready 7 Tips For New Dog Owners if you are welcoming a new dog into your life.  We would love to hear about which type of dog you chose for your active life style, please leave a comment below.

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