December 03 2019

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Beagles are good with children and they make great dogs for a family with kids of varying ages.

Is There Anything I Need to Know Before Choosing a Beagle for my Family?

Yes, there are some things that a family will need to know before selecting a beagle as their family dog.

Social and pleasant by nature, the beagle is a dog that could be perfect for a family with children.  Friendly and adventurous this breed was originally used as a hunting dog; they are part of the hound class of dogs according to the American Kennel Club.

In the past this breed had a job to do, use their sense of smell during hunting.  They might need extra attention and obedience training to be properly socialized around children since there nature is more independent.  The fact that they are a scent hound and bred to hunt will not necessarily pose any problems for a family with children but it is important that the family understand this since and train their new friend accordingly.

Before a family selects a beagle or any dog it is important that they ask themselves some questions.

  • What kind of time do we have to spend with a beagle?
  • What is the age of the children in the household?
  • Do the children understand how they should treat a beagle or other dog?
  • Is anyone in the home fearful of dogs?
  • Does anyone have an allergy to dogs?

What Kind of Time do we have to Spend with a Beagle?

This question can be very helpful to the family in determining if they have time for a dog.  Each breed has their own special needs and it is important to consider the families lifestyle as well as breed prior to selecting any dog.

The beagle is a breed that enjoys being with their human pack.  While they don’t always need someone to be paying attention to them like some other breeds, they do prefer to be close to them.  If they don’t get this, they can sometimes suffer separation anxiety.

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What is the Age of the Children in the Household?

The ages of the children in the household help determine which breed is best for the family.  Certain breeds of dog do not get along with younger children and this should be considered.

Some breeds can receive obedience training that teaches them how to behave around children, certain other breeds simply do not tolerate young children.  These breeds should be removed from the list for a family to have a safe and harmonious household, no matter how adorable the dog might be.  Luckily, the beagle is not included in this list and are easily trained to behave properly in a house with kids.

The beagle behaves like a child most of the time despite being bred for hunting.  They love to play and are friendly and social.  They can be mischievous at times which will fit right in with the children of the household.

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Do the Children Understand How to Treat a Beagle or Other Dog?

Teaching the children of the household proper behavior towards dogs and all creatures is character building.  From this they can gain empathy and compassion for those around them human and animal.

This should be done prior to selecting any family pet for the safety and happiness of everyone in the household, including the dog.

While children will slip up from time to time, tugging a dog’s ears or hanging on their neck.  Their age will determine if they can be left alone with the family dog or not.  Older children, usually those 12 and up can show the family pet respect.  Younger than that it might be necessary for an adult to supervise the interactions.

The beagle is a breed of dog that is just like a child, they will sometimes tolerate the wild and active playtime, other times they may not.  The beagle will likely consider the children of the house as their pack mates or brothers and sisters in the pack with the adults being seen as their master, with whom they follow orders and are more obedient.  Of course, it is important to properly train any dog to respect  and follow all commands from all members of the family including children.

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Is Anyone in The Home Fearful of Dogs?

Dogs can pick up on fear as our bodies give off a scent when we feel this way.  Being a scent hound, the beagle can pick up on this easily.  Due to their nature it is highly unlikely that they will behave in a negative manner.  More likely they will become more protective and watchful sensing the potential for danger due to the persons’ fears.

By understanding if anyone in the house is not comfortable with dogs a decision can be better made about which breed to select, if any.  In these situations, if the decision is made to add a dog to the family, a beagle is a good choice.

While the beagle might not behave in a negative way, the person will likely experience negative emotions and added stress by having a dog in the home.  It is better to gradually introduce them to friendly dogs outside the home first in a non-threatening way.

Allowing them to feed the neighbor’s dog some biscuits or perhaps walk grandma’s dog, even simply petting friendly dogs at the park can help them overcome their fears in a natural way.   This allows them to set the pace for when and how they become better acquainted with dogs.

Once this is done and they are feeling comfortable enough to have a dog in the home, then a beagle or other appropriate breed can be selected as the family pet.

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Does Anyone Have an Allergy to Dogs?

Allergies affect many individuals and those who suffer from allergies to pets can have a very hard time.  If there currently are no family pets, exposing the family members to dogs prior to choosing a pet will prevent heartache for everyone, including the dog.

If it is determined that someone in the family has an allergy to dogs, another breed will have to be selected as beagles are not hypoallergenic.  Thankfully there are quiet a few dog breeds that are hypoallergenic.

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The above list of questions can help the family as they work to determine if bringing a beagle or other dog into the family is right as this time.

Knowledge of characteristics specific to each breed as well as family dynamics ensure that the correct breed of dog is chosen.

Is There Anything That Would Make a Beagle a Bad Choice for a Family?

Yes, they can be a bad choice for a family that isn’t active and energetic.  They are energetic and need lots of attention and exercise.  If they don’t get this, they are likely to act up.  The family that spends hours in front of the TV, computer or phone on the couch would be a bad choice for this breed.

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It should also be noted that they must be trained as early as possible to interact and socialize properly with children.  This promotes the best possible relationship between them and their human family.  If an older beagle is adopted, they can still be trained but it will take time and patience.

The good news is that they are an intelligent breed of dog and learn quickly.

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Bonding Tips for Beagle and Child

Playtime will be the best place for children and a beagle to bond as they will both enjoy having fun, being physical and interacting with each other.  Playing catch with a frisbee or ball other outdoor activities will promote good health and a strong bond between them.

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Having a child take care of their furry companion can go a long way towards creating a strong bond.  This can work both ways.  Feeding their dog, walking them and grooming them not only teaches a child compassion but how to show love and attention to their pet.  In turn the beagle will likely become a strong watchdog who always has their back.

Once both child and beagle have expelled the over-the-top energy and it is time to relax, curling up together in bed or on a couch to watch some cartoons is perfect.  Sharing a snack is a great way for them to end the day.

Bonding will be simple and easy, the more children, the merrier.  It is likely that the beagle will have enough energy to keep up with many children in one household, delighting in the companionship and fun.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right breed of dog for a family takes time and consideration.  Finding the perfect breed for the family’s lifestyle is important for everyone’s happiness.

The beagle is a wonderful breed for a family with children.  While they aren’t hypoallergenic, their playful and exuberant nature will fit right into the family life, bringing happiness, laughter and love to everyone.

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