February 12 2020

Yes, the Dachshund are yappy dogs and they love to bark a lot and bark loudly.  This is due to their breed background as a hunting dog.  They also have a rather large lung capacity, despite being such a small dog.


Why are Dachshunds so Yappy?

Originally bred to hunt and chase, barking was how they communicated to those around them.  As a hunting breed, they have very strong instincts that cause them to bark often.  Their environment only needs to change slightly, and they will notice and alert those around them.

This highly alert and aware mentality served them well as a hunter out in the field,  but in the home this behavior can become troublesome.

It can be helpful to know that this barking is simply his or her way of communicating what is going on.  It might run like this in their head:

  • Someone is nearby and I don’t want that
  • Someone is doing something I want to do
  • Something is moving I need to go chase
  • Something is going on outside and I need to investigate

There are many reasons they might feel the need to bark that can include:

  • The sight of someone or something
  • A change in their environment or around them
  • Aggression, fear, anxiety, excitement, pain or jealousy
  • Needing attention
  • Boredom
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Changes in the weather
  • Their needs aren’t being met properly

Dachshunds can be very sensitive to their environment and most of these reasons include emotional components.  Controlling what we can, such as meeting their needs or playing enough to prevent boredom, and some of their wants may minimize their barking.

Some dachshunds can struggle with separation, making it difficult for their family to do the things they normally do outside the home for fear of whining, howling or barking excessively while they are gone.  Any dog can suffer from separation anxieties depending on their attachment to their human family and the need for attention.

Dachshunds Bark in order to Communicate

The Dachshund is a born hunter and scent hound.  They love to chase and are very alert due to their breeding.

Barking is a dog’s primary method of communication.  If there is something they need to express, a want, need, feeling or something to tell you, they are going to bark.

Should a squirrel skitter by on a wire, the mail person arrives to drop off the mail, or the neighbor decides to go for a bike ride it is likely, the Dachshund will bark.  Their high hunting and chasing instinct, as well as their strongly territorial and protective nature, will bring on barking often. 

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What About Training My Dachshund?

Training and socializing are a necessary and extremely vital component of a well-behaved dog, regardless of breed.  The dachshund should be trained early on for a variety of reasons that can include excessive barking.

This training teaches them what is expected of them and what is okay behavior, such as when it is okay to bark and when it is not.

Training can help them manage their instincts of excessive barking and other negative behaviors.  Without this training, what appears to be a docile dog can sometimes become a dominant and strong-willed tiny dog that may behave badly.

Consult their veterinarian before beginning any training to ensure they are in good health.  Health issues can cause a variety of difficult behaviors that can include barking excessively.

Once they are cleared of any underlying health issues and problems training can begin.

Depending on time and skills, this training for the dachshund can be done by the family or a trained professional.  The simplest method for any training is to reward acceptable behaviors and not reward unacceptable behaviors.  This can include ignoring the unacceptable behaviors with the knowledge that eventually they will learn to understand good behaviors get treats.

It should be noted that the dachshund, a smart and independent dog breed, can be difficult to train so if after a time training to remedy barking or other difficult behaviors is unsuccessful it is best to consult their veterinarian or a professional trainer.

Thoughts to Summarize

For a tiny dog, they sure have a lot to say.  Following the instincts bred into them, they are sure to bring awareness and safety to every home.

At times this may be a bit too much for their family or neighbors, but just think how boring life would be if this cute and smart dog wasn’t so aware and alert!  Stay patient and focus on proper training and have a happy time with your little fur baby.

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