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No, French bulldogs are generally not an aggressive breed.  However, there are a few occasions where you may find your Frenchie exhibiting big dog in a little dog body mannerisms.  Let us find out what aggression is, how a Frenchie might express aggression and what can be done about it.

Aggression in Dogs

Aggression, defined as physical hostility or violence towards another can be a complex and often misunderstood behavior.  Every dog regardless of the breed has the potential to show aggression.

Examples of aggressive behaviors include extreme barking, snarling, biting, lunging, growling and snapping.

Understanding aggression, its triggers and your dog’s unique personality are the best ways to minimize this behavior.  Reading the French bulldog personality is fairly easy but remember each dog is an individual.

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Forms of Aggression Normally Seen in Dogs

  • Emotional Aggression (Fear, Anxiety, Jealousy)
  • Predator Instinct Aggression
  • Injury or Pain Aggression
  • Learned Aggression
  • Leash Aggression
  • Social Aggression
  • Territorial or Protective Aggression

It is important to remember that any dog can show aggression depending on their physical and emotional health, the environment they are in, how they are trained and how they are treated.  Each will express themselves in a unique and individual way.

french bulldog barking  ChewdUp

What Creates Aggressive Behavior?

Many things factor into a dog expressing aggressive behavior, which is created by a variety of different situations.

While every dog has the capability if provoked, certain breeds have a greater tendency towards aggression.  Thankfully, the adorable Frenchie is not easily provoked.

How a dog is trained and treated can have a negative or positive effect on their physical and emotional well-being.  This can make or break aggressive behavior depending on how the human family handles the situation.

The French bulldog has a big dog in a little body mentality which can be endearing to the family but is by no means aggressive.  They love to be the boss and also love to be the only dog that receives love, attention and anything else being offered (such as treats, toys and other goodies)

This can sometimes cause territorial issues if another dog enters their home or wants affection from their family.  It is usually very minimal, consisting of growling and barking.  Should this situation arise, it is best to separate the dogs and use as a training opportunity.

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Same Gender Aggression in French Bulldogs

The French bulldog, as well as most other dog breeds, tend to show slightly more aggressive behaviors around dogs of the same sex.  This can be due to their pack mentality and need for dominance.  This can happen in both males and females and is usually their natural way of deciding who is the top dog in the hierarchy of the dog pack.

In their home life, the humans are their pack, with one human usually as the pack leader.  While these same-gender tendencies can happen, you are the pack leader.  If they are trained properly and understand pack rules which are established by you, their human family these behaviors can be kept to a minimum.

This behavior can be triggered by food, toys, attention, emotions, and hormones.  Properly meeting the needs of the dogs in a family can minimize this tendency as well.

Preventing Aggression with Frenchies

Some steps can be taken to minimize or prevent aggressive behaviors in any dog.

  • Proper Socialization
  • Thorough and Repetitive Training
  • Keeping Them on a Leash
  • Understanding and Watching Their Body Language
  • Meeting Their Needs
  • Learning Their Triggers

When They Don’t Get Along

If for some reason your French bulldog decides they don’t like a four-legged house guest, the house cat or anyone else it is best to remove them from the situation.

The French bulldog loves being with their human family, having fun and receiving lots of attention and love.  Should they have a problem getting along, or at least tolerating others, simply placing them in a mini time out should do the trick.

Frenchie French Bulldog on Coach in Time Out Chewdup

In Conclusion

While the French bulldog may expect to be the king or queen of their castle, they are not an aggressive dog.  Every dog has that potential, but the Frenchie was bred for companionship.

With a slightly askew crown they may put on a good show but at the end of the day, they simply want all your love and attention.  Who could argue with that!

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