January 20 2020


Yes, French bulldogs are great with children.  Frenchies are a very gentle and easy-going breed with lots of energy and they will add fun and excitement to a family that has children.

Breed Characteristics

The French bulldog was originally bred to be a companion dog which makes them the perfect choice for a family that has children.  They love human contact and spending time with their family, the more children the merrier.

The French Bulldog and Children

Their gentle and loving nature, as well as their size, is the perfect fit for a household that has children.

Even though they love to run and play, they don’t require a lot of physical activity so Frenchies will even fit in well with children who aren’t quite as physically active. 

They will enjoy both the outdoor and indoor activities of more active children and relaxing while homework is being done or during chat time on the phone.  They will entertain and amuse everyone in the house with their humorous and sometimes mischievous personality.

The French bulldog bonds very closely with the children in a family considering them playmates in their pack.  Due to this close bond, they will become a protective guardian towards them.

If a Frenchie and child grow up together, they will form a bond that is unbreakable and strong.

It should be noted that supervision is necessary for smaller children or if the French bulldog is a puppy.  Young children and puppies will need time, patience and supervision to ensure they learn properly what is the right behavior.  Without supervision, accidents can easily happen on either side.

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What Should I Do Before Bringing Home a French Bulldog?

If the family doesn’t already have a dog learning about dogs is the first step towards bringing a dog home, regardless of breed.  This will teach understanding, patience, and knowledge that can go a long way to creating a healthy, safe and harmonious home environment.

Before selecting a dog, the children of the family should be exposed to dogs naturally and instructed on proper behavior.  They should learn how to treat a dog, what is expected of them and learn about the breed of dogs that will be joining their family.

Puppy Shower - Welcoming Your New Fur Baby

Bonding Tips for French Bulldogs and Children

When the family is ready for a dog to become a part of their pack some tips will help with bonding as well as minimizing behavioral issues that can cause problems.


The French bulldog is a very gentle and loving dog, but this doesn't mean that they don't need to be socialized.  They should be exposed to a variety of people and situations to help them positively blend into their family.  Through this exposure, they will learn social expectations and how they should act.


Training is necessary for both the children and French bulldog to understand house rules, what is acceptable and not acceptable behaviors.  With patience and understanding, this can easily be accomplished with very little effort.

Kids Caring for Their French Bulldog

The children of the household will benefit in many ways by learning to care for their beloved furry companion.  This can create an unbreakable bond between them.  Such care can include feeding, grooming, a very short walk, even creating a comfortable rest spot for their pooch.  This teaches responsibility as well as empathy for others.

The French bulldog will thrive on the attention and love they receive during these moments.



One of the best and most enjoyable ways for a French bulldog to bond with their children will be during playtime.  Tossing the ball a few times, playing in a tent or hide in seek will endlessly delight younger children and their French bulldog.

Singing together to music, learning some new tricks and taking impromptu photos to share on social media will be the highlight of the French bulldogs’ day when they spend time with older children.

Final Thoughts

The French bulldog is a perfect dog for a family with children.  Their delightful persona and love for being part of the kid pack will make them happy beyond measure.

Now all you must worry about, is who can get into more mischief, the French bulldog or your children?

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