January 07 2020

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Yes, miniature schnauzers are very good with older kids that understand how to properly treat a dog, but younger children should be supervised since this breed can sometimes become agitated and even nip if treated improperly.

The Miniature Schnauzer and Children

The miniature schnauzer is a pint-sized but distinguished dog breed that is playful and very energetic.

They are a dog breed that, due to their engaging and mischievous nature, make a wonderful addition to any family that has children.  They will fit right in, creating laughs and fun for all to enjoy.

They are also an excellent watchdog all will consider it their job to notify their human family of any trouble with the children in the household.

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The miniature schnauzer will have no trouble with older children in the family, but it should be noted that getting along with toddlers and young children might be an issue.

Young children are notorious for misunderstanding how to treat dogs in general.  The miniature schnauzer does not tolerate behaviors as pulling the tail, hair or ears as well as other assorted roughhousing and this happy dog to become agitated quite quickly.

When this happens, the miniature schnauzer may end up nipping the child to warn them to stop their behavior.  This nipping, while scary, isn’t meant to hurt the young child.

Should this happen, the dog and child should be separated immediately in a matter-of-fact fashion that sends a message that both behaviors are unacceptable.

While it is important to socialize and train the miniature schnauzer what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior, it is also important to teach the children of the household the same.

Depending on the age of the dog and child, this can take time with repeated interactions that may sometimes end on a negative note.  Patience, understanding, and diligence will get everyone through this process.  Eventually, the dog and child will learn how to treat each other.

It is important to note that no dog should ever be left alone with a toddler or baby.  While the miniature schnauzer gets along with children, very young children won’t always remember how to treat a dog.  They may accidentally hurt the dog which in turn can cause the dog to nip at them.  Supervision is always necessary to ensure young children and miniature schnauzer aren't accidentally harmed.

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Tips for Bonding Between Miniature Schnauzer and Child

Socialize Early – Proper socialization for a miniature schnauzer will ensure they know how to behave around others.  This should be done as early as possible.  While the miniature schnauzer is a very engaging and social dog, it is still a necessary part of proper training.

Training – Teaching the miniature schnauzer, as well as the children in the family how to treat each other will take repetition and patience.  Through repeated interactions that are supervised, they will learn what is good behavior and what is not.

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Playtime – Providing positive playtime between child and dog will help them bond naturally.  Outdoor physical activity and games are loved by the miniature schnauzer as well as children.  Tossing a ball or frisbee is a great activity that will exhaust them both.

Responsibility – Having a child help take care of their dog will create positive bonding.  Feeding, walking, and grooming are all good ways for a child to learn responsibility while showing their dog love and attention.

The possibilities for bonding are endless for a miniature schnauzer and their child companion, creating a lifelong friendship, based on love and shared moments.  

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In Conclusion

The personality of the miniature schnauzer makes them a wonderful choice for a family with children.  Their playful and mischievous nature, as well as being a high energy breed will provide many moments of laughter, love, and happiness for all who live with them.

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