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Poodles are generally good with kids with the correct training.  Of course, as with any breed, each poodle has a unique personality and this will be the final determining factor.

What Do I Need to Know Before Selecting a Poodle for My Family?

The poodle is a breed of dog that has 3 different sizes.  The standard is the largest of the three dogs and is always over 15 inches tall.  The miniature poodle is always between 10 and 15 inches tall, and finally the toy poodle is under 10 inches tall.

Poodle Types




> 15 inches

10 - 15 inches

< 10 inches


An intelligent and often playful dog, the poodle is curious and happy which are good qualities to exhibit around children of various ages.

Before deciding if a poodle is the right dog for a family that has kids, there are a few questions that should be answered.

  • As a family, do we have time to spend with a dog?
  • How old are the children in the family?
  • Have the children of the family been taught what is proper behaviour towards dogs?
  • Does any child in the family have a fear of dogs?
  • Is there anyone in the family with an allergy to dogs?

As a Family, Do We Have Time to Spend with a Poodle?

This question will help determine which breed of dog is best for a family because each dog will have their own special needs regarding attention.

Poodles are great companion dogs that enjoy spending lots of time with their family otherwise they may act up and become mischievous.  If a family doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with their dog, it is best to select another breed.

poodle on owners lap

How Old Are the Children in the Family That Will Live with the Poodle?

This question is important to consider when selecting a poodle since the miniature and toy poodles are not always the best with small children.  They are highly trainable; this could possibly be a non-issue with obedience training and supervision. If you have children in the house it might be best to speak with and professional dog trainer.

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Have the Children of the Family Been Taught What Is Proper Behavior Towards a Poodle or Other Dog?

Asking this question is necessary prior to selecting any dog breed.  It is a good idea to teach children early what is correct behaviour around a dog, so they don’t hurt or mistreat them accidentally.  Knowing what is expected of them prior to selecting a dog will go a long way to starting and maintaining a positive relationship.

Does Any Child Have a Fear of Poodles or Dogs?

A vital question to be asked that will determine if a dog is right for a family.  Choosing a dog and bringing it home to a family that has a child with fears can create a problem that may have a sad ending for child and dog.  Animals can pick up on fear and in turn become anxious around a fearful person.  This can lead to different negative behaviors including aggression, so it is best to be sure that all children in the family are comfortable with dogs.

Is There Anyone in the Family with an Allergy to Dogs?

This top question that should be discussed when selecting a dog breed.  Poodles thankfully are one of the most hypoallergenic breeds making them a good choice for children that have allergies.

This list can be used as a starting point for a family to help them decide if a poodle is the right for them.   Understanding the breed of dog as well as the family with can go a long way towards preventing a wrong choice.

white poodle

Are Poodles Good with Kids?

Yes, the poodle can be good with kids.  The poodle is a good family dog because they are affectionate and have a playful personality which blends well with children.

Each of the 3 different poodles are unique so this is only a guideline.  Just as each person is original, each breed of dog is one of a kind.  The same holds true for each dog, they are equally their own dog, with special traits both good and bad.

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The standard poodle happens to be the best poodle for a family that has multiple children of varying ages.  They get along well with all children and are patient and tolerant of certain behaviors that children may exhibit.

The miniature poodle has a nervous and anxious disposition that is better suited to children that are over 12 years old.  The sometimes fast moving, noisy and rambunctious nature of children younger may be too much for them to handle and could cause issues.

The toy poodle is also best with older children for the same reason as above.  Also, since toy poodle is so small they could be hurt by children that do not know how to handle them properly. 

poodle with girl

What May Make a Poodle a Bad Choice for a Family with Kids?

The only thing that might make a poodle a bad choice for a family is the high-strung personality that the miniature or toy poodles have.  They aren’t a bad choice for certain age groups as noted above, but this nervous behavior could cause problems.

The good news is that this breed of dog, whether miniature, toy or standard is a very trainable breed.  They are smart and can quickly learn what is expected of them.  Learning these commands as well as other tricks that might entertain children comes easily to them.  Pets.WebMD has a great article concerning Behavior & Training

What Are Some Ways for a Poodle and Child to Bond?

Each size poodle is athletic, energetic, curious and love to play.  All sorts of indoor and outdoor play are great for children with poodles.  Many hours can be spent running, playing ball and hide seek.  These activities can also exhaust both child and dog.

Caring for a poodle can teach a child of any age responsibility and help build character.  This can increase empathy for others and help them learn how caring for others is important in life.  A strong bond can be formed between dog and child as they grow and learn to care for each other together.

Other activities include bathing and grooming, feeding as well as walking them.

After a long day of work and play a poodle and child can share blissful sleep beneath a makeshift tent or snuggle up on the couch or bed.  Reading to their dog can increase shared moments and build confidence in the emergent reader. 

The possibilities are endless for bonding between a poodle and child, providing the opportunity for a lifelong connection of friendship and love.

In Conclusion

Selecting a dog for a family involves many questions and considerations.  The right breed is dependent on the family itself as well as the dog breed chosen.

The poodle is an excellent dog for a family with children.  Their personality combined with hypoallergenic hair are just the right mix to bring smiles and joy to a child’s life.

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