December 18 2019

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Pugs are, in most cases, very good with cats. 

Can a Pug and a Cat Live Together?

Absolutely!  The pug is a dog breed that has the perfect personality for a cat companion.  Their size and docile nature makes them less of a threat to the cat which can ease tension.  With an easy-going and friendly personality, the family cat might warm up to them quickly.  The pug is more likely to be found snuggled up beside the cat on the couch, making you wonder if they need a blanket?

The personality and temperament of each animal is the most important factor that decides whether they will get along or not.  The health of each animal, their household environment and how they are cared for will help determine when, how and to what degree they will become friends.

Helpful Tips for Creating a Peaceful and Harmonious Environment for the Pug and Cat

Below is a list of things that will contribute to a pug and cat living together.

  • Proper socialization, as early as possible ensures the best behavior in every pet. This socialization allows them to experience others positively, teaching tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of those around them. 
  • Proper training, the pug is a breed of dog that shouldn't be difficult to train, the cat, however, might be another story
  • Enough good quality food and clean water
  • A comfortable place to sleep will ensure their happiness and minimize stress
  • A quiet place to hide or escape gives them that alone time when needed
  • Lots of playtime and affection
  • adequate exercise promotes their overall health. When all these areas are fulfilled, they will be less likely to suffer unnecessary stress which can promote a happier home life

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Possible Problem Areas for Pugs and Cats Living Together

One major problem between the pug and a cat living together is the possibility that the cat might end up hurting the dog with their claws.

If the house cat is declawed, then this won’t pose a problem.  Should the house cat have claws (and most do), then due to the physical traits of the pug they could potentially end up with a severe eye injury.

Pugs have a characteristic (and loving noted) smashed in face.  This creates those adorable bulging eyes that make them unforgettable.  Sadly, this also increases the likelihood that those beautiful eyes can get injured.

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Ensuring that each animal has a safe place to retreat where the other isn't allowed is best.  Providing each pet their place for eating, sleeping, and quiet, as well as their toys, minimizes any territorial issues.  Offering them enough food at the same time should minimize mealtime issues.

At times when they are together in the same room, offering treats, playtime and affection at the same time prevents jealousy issues which could cause aggression.  It is usually better if the pug and house cat are not left alone in the beginning to prevent injuries.

If aggression issues become a problem, it is always important to separate immediately for their safety.

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Other Concerns Between the Pug and Cat

While the pug is a very good-natured dog, there is still the possibility that they will not get along with the house cat.  If this happens it is important to realize this is related to personality and temperament, not breeding.

In this situation, the human members of the family should consult with their veterinarian or behavior specialist to determine how to deal with this.  How difficult the situation is will determine the best option.

It is possible that separating them is all that is needed.  These boundaries will help each pet adjust naturally in their own time; patience is important.

Can a Cat and Dog Get Along?

Cats and dogs have a long history of challenging moments due to different communication styles.  This creates a lack of understanding on both sides which can sometimes bring about aggression and other bad behaviors.

It’s not that they can’t get along, but simply differing personalities that make it hard for them to bond with each other.  There are, however, many cats and dogs that get along beautifully.

Dos are pack animals like their descendants the wolves, cats are the opposite being solitary creatures.  While dogs are curious and sociable, cats are more reserved.  This can sometimes cause confusion and misunderstandings.

Both animals can feel added stress and sometimes fear and anxiety while trying to get to know each other.

Aggression issues between a dog and cat can have negative effects on everyone in the household.  It is common for all dogs and cats to have occasional minor scuffle due to differences in personality.  Excessive fighting, growling, hissing or other negative behaviors can sometimes be a sign of a bigger problem.

There are some questions that the family can discuss to help uncover the cause of these problems.  These include:

  • Does either pet have a health condition?
  • Are there other stressors in the home environment?
  • Are the pet’s needs being met properly?

Does Either Pet Have a Health Condition?

Underlying health issues, whether controlled or unknown can affect everyone’s personality, pets included.  Addressing both the dog's and cats' existing and potential health issues can sometimes elevate unnecessary stress.  This can help with any physically negative behaviors.

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Are There Other Stressors in the Home Environment?

It is not uncommon for dogs and cats to react to the situations their human family is facing.  As pet owners, our life situations can negatively affect our beloved pets.

Changing patterns of being at home, new family members, moving to a new home, arguments, financial stressors, and many other factors can play a part in the comfort or lack thereof for our pets.

Addressing these issues, or if that isn’t possible at least finding a way to help the dog and cat cope is of great importance.

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Are the Pet’s Needs Being Met Properly?

The creature comforts offer security in our lives, as well as those of our pets.  Ensuring that they have water, food, shelter, warmth, fresh air, playtime, and love will promote happiness in a beloved pet.  They depend completely on us for these needs to be met, we must provide them with what they need.

First Introductions

The first introduction can set the tone for every moment after it.  Each dog owner will have a special way of introducing their dog to another pet.  There isn't a right or wrong way to handle this first meeting, but there are some methods that are better than others.  The method listed below is one example of many.

When bringing a pug into the home it should be separated from the house cat at first.  The use of a baby gate can help with this separation.

These two pets will be allowed to sniff at each other through the gate, as well as express themselves through noises, pawing and whatever else they choose.  The cat can then also decide when they would like to get closer to the pug by climbing into the room over the gate.

In these first days together, supervision is a must for the health and happiness of both pets.  After some time, the baby gate can be removed for short periods during the day, gradually increasing until it is completely removed.

How long this process takes is determined by how much stress and anxiety each animal feels and expresses.   Human supervision is important to limit aggression and territorial issues as well as prevent injuries.

In Conclusion

Getting along with everyone all the time can be hard for anyone.  Thankfully the pug has a personality and temperament that are ideal for a family with a house cat.

With a face as cute as theirs, how could anyone resist, even the family cat!

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