September 14 2019

Pugs are good with kids and make a great pet for families with children of all ages.

What makes pugs good family dogs?

While there are many things to consider when selecting a dog, a good temperament is the most important trait for a dog that will join a family with children and older kids.

Some questions to consider include:

  • Are they an aggressive breed of dog?
  • Could their size innocently injure a kid?
  • Do they like to play and roughhouse?
  • Can they become territorial?
  • Do they bark a lot?
  • How much do they shed?
  • Do any of the children have allergies to pet hair?

These are just a few questions that can be asked before deciding on a dog for a family with children.  Compiling a thorough list and reviewing the answers in depth prior to selecting a dog is the best way to prevent problems.  Selecting a dog that might be inappropriate for a family can cause heartbreak for everyone later if a new home needs to be found.  Investigating prior and using caution can ensure this doesn’t happen.

What would make the pug a good family dog?

If pugs could speak for themselves and answer this question it would likely quote the famed “I’m a lover not a fighter”.

The pug has an easy-going temperament that readily makes friends with everyone in the family from the smallest rabbit to the biggest kid or adult.  They are charming and will quickly become a child’s best friend and shadow because they love constant attention.

This smart and humorous dog with a loveable face has a happy demeanor that is contagious to everyone around them.  Like the court jester they love to entertain everyone and be the center of attention.  With unique barking and snorting noises, the pug is a whole lot of dog that will fit in well with children and older kids who love to have fun and play games.

From fetch to dress up and whose hiding under the blanket this low maintenance dog is tolerant and patient of kiddie behaviors.  They will likely become your child’s partner in crime during playtime and it will be hard to tell whose idea it was, since the pug can have a mischievous personality.

Due to a flat face with a uniquely shaped mouth the pug isn’t capable of too much aggression or biting someone.  This is very important for families with children.

What makes a pug unsuitable for a family with kids?

The pug has eyes that bulge out slightly which make this an area that is susceptible to injury with small children.  Although they are a sturdier, small dog, they can still get injured with wild playful roughhousing.  Injuries can happen to both dog and kids if they aren’t supervised when playing together.

It is important to teach all children and older kids how to handle a pug, what is acceptable behavior around them and what is not.  Keeping sharp objects out of playtime is a good place to start.

What are some ways for a pug and child to bond together?

All children and older kids can benefit early on from learning to care for the family pet.  Taking responsibility for the needs of another living being can help them build strong character and depth of personality later in life.

Since a pug sheds a lot, brushing and bathing them can be rewarding and fun for both child and dog.  You can check out our article on pugs shedding, My Pug is shedding like crazy!

Helping with feeding and offering treats when appropriate as well as taking them on a short walk can help create a strong bond between a child and his or her dog.

Playing games and sharing childhood activities together will delight both child or older kid and the family pug.

The pug can tend to sleep a lot and enjoys just lounging on a lap or couch too.  This makes for relaxing moments spent together with the teenager who is doing homework or working on a computer, or a child who is sick or injured.

Babies will find joy in watching the pugs’ delightful face, and mom and dad will be happy that the pug doesn’t bark a lot which might make a baby cry.

Everyone in the family will love spending time with this breed of dog.

Other Concerns Between Kids and Pugs

The pug can be known to eat excessively and sometimes become overweight if no one keeps their food intake under control.

Children and older kids should be taught early on to never share their snacks and treats.  In the interest of cleanliness and a healthy dog, they should also be encouraged to keep food away from where the pug can reach it, if they drop something, they should pick it up. 

It is also important for everyone in the household to know what foods are dangerous for dogs to ingest.  A poster with pictures by the dog’s food and water bowl might be helpful for little ones to learn what is and isn’t okay for them to eat.

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 In Conclusion

With a dog in the home there are always changes and adjustments to be made.  A pug can make the home a better place to live and play.

One thing is certain, with a pug in the house the laughter and giggles will most likely be nonstop.  The special memories made between dog and child will be priceless for everyone.

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