September 16 2019

rottie with small child

Rottweilers are good with children if properly trained.  If a family is looking to buy or adopt a rottweiler and wants to know if they are a good pet for a family with children, the quick answer is yes, with obedience training.

What to consider before selecting a rottweiler if you have kids?

Rottweilers can be a breed that is often overlooked for a household with children.  Their confident and dominant nature can be a bit intimidating to certain individuals.  If for any reason a family member is apprehensive about this breed, then perhaps another dog breed should be selected.

Before determining that a rottweiler is the dog for a family with kid’s certain questions must be asked first.

These questions include:

  • What kind of time can be spent training and socializing the rottweiler?
  • What age are the children in the household?
  • Are the children well behaved and respectful of dogs?
  • Do the kids have any fears about dogs?
  • Does anyone in the family have an allergy to dogs?

While this list isn’t exhaustive, it is a starting point for a family considering this breed.  A well thought out list of questions to access how this breed will fit in to the family, will help make the right choice.   Choosing a rottweiler and later discovering it isn’t a good fit will bring unnecessary heartache to everyone including the dog.  It is important to make the right choice the first time.

What makes the rottweiler a good family dog?

The rottweiler possesses many qualities that will make them an excellent family dog.

They are loyal and protective which helps to ensure the safety of the whole family.  This is due to the breeds background of herding, as well as working at service in the military and with the police.   With a strong build and solid muscle mass they can also take a lot of wild play that kids sometimes will offer up.

Like children of all ages they love the outdoors and play time.  Running around the yard and playing fetch will provide none stop fun activities for all involved.

Deeply loyal by nature they are a great companion dog who loves just being with the family.  The rottweiler will be a calm and constant presence to children who suffer from emotional issues, are sometimes lonely or are an only child.

Children often have a lot of energy to expel, thankfully so does the rottweiler.  The energy and endurance they have is likely to outlast even the most exuberant child.

The rottweiler is e an excellent family dog because of their calm but protective nature when it comes to strangers, this can be very beneficial for children.

What could make a rottweiler a bad choice for a family with kids?

The rottweiler is a strong, intelligent and very dominant dog with the males being more aggressive and dominant than the females.  While this doesn’t have to be a problem for a family it can become an issue if not properly managed with daily socialization and obedience training as well as behavior modifications when necessary.

If no adult family member is willing to manage and take charge of the rottweiler behaviors, they may quickly take charge of the household.  Time and energy must be put forth on a regular basis to ensure good behavior in this breed of dog.

What are some ideas for bonding between rottweiler and kids?

rottweiler with boy outside in nature

Older kids and young children will build character by caring for their dog.  The responsibility of caring for their pet will not only create a strong bond but also assist in creating depth of character regarding others around them.  Activities that they can participate in include bathing, feeding and walking.

Snuggling up to read a book with their rottweiler or running a race through the yard with them will build a positive bond between child and pooch for years to come. 

Rottweilers need a lot of exercise to keep their muscular body healthy, exercising together is a great activity for dog and child to share together.   Check out our article Hiking with Your Dog – A Guide for Active Dog Owners.  

Considerations for for families with kids before buying or adopting a rottie.

One of the most important things that can be remembered about a rottweiler is that they need constant obedience training and regular socialization.

If a child and rottweiler can grow up together this is even better for everyone involved because it provides the natural socialization that this breed needs to develop properly.  This breed tends to test the boundaries of who rules the roost due to their nature, patient and loving but firm management of this breed will ensure success.

Daily lessons for the children of the household of what is acceptable behavior around the rottweiler will ensure household harmony.

If a family has never owned a rottweiler it is recommended that they either adopt a puppy and begin training and socializing right away or adopt another breed.

In Conclusion

There is a lot to consider when welcoming a rottie into a family with kids.  The amount of work and time invested will be well worth the protection, loyalty and love they provide if the family is dedicated to helping their dog along the way.

Strength of character, time, patience and dedication are all that is needed for a rottweiler to be a loving member of a family with kids.

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