January 04 2020

Yes, Yorkies can climb stairs very well.  This is a common question among new Yorkshire Terrier owners and while the answer is yes there are some things to keep in mind with these small dogs and stairs.



Size and Condition of the Stairs

It is important to pay attention to the condition of the stairs especially with small dogs.  If the stairs are in disrepair your fur baby could fall and get hurt. The list below is not meant to be complete but offer a starting point for what to be on the lookout for, be alert and keep your canine companion safe!

  1. Slippery stairs – wooden stairs, tile stairs or stairs made of other materials can be quite slippery for a dogs paws, a rug runner might be a good idea, be sure it is installed properly
  2. Wet or Icy Stairs - wet or icy stairs can be especially hazardous and cause a serious fall, be sure to treat your outdoor stairs properly during times of snow, ice or rain
  3. Unlevel stairs – stairs that have shifted and become uneven such as can happen with old stone or wooden stairs can be extremely difficult to navigate, repair stairs as necessary
  4. Steep stairs – stairs that are too steep could be dangerous, it might be best to carry your dog up and down very steep stairs or use a different path if available
  5. Unusually sized stairs – exceedingly large or small stairs could be difficult to navigate, carry your Yorkie or choose another route
  6. Cracked or broken stairs – cracks can injure delicate paws or even cause your pup to fall, be sure to inspect all stairs and repair as needed

 Age and Overall Health of Your Yorkie

Older Yorkies and those not in optimal health should be watched very carefully as they navigate stairs.  Puppies also need special attention depending on their size, very small puppies should not be allowed to go up or down stairs and it is a good idea to check with your vet to determine when is the best time to start training your small dog to use the stairs.

 Each Yorkie is Unique

It is important to note that each Yorkshire Terrier is an individual and, like humans, their abilities will vary.  One Yorkie might be sprinting up and down stairs with ease while another might have a very difficult time with the exact same stairs.  It is, therefore, important to know and understand your fur baby, their abilities, likes and dislikes.  Proper training and practice using is critical to ensuring your yorkie’s safety.


In Conclusion

As stated above, Yorkies can climb stairs if they are physically healthy, of a certain age and if he stairs are covered in the right flooring and properly maintained. 

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the safety and overall well-being of your beloved Yorkshire terrier.
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