September 09 2019

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Beagles do not bark excessively for no reason but they do bark when they feel the need and when they bark they are loud.

Why Do Beagles Bark?

A dog barks because it is their way of communicating with humans.  They might bark to say hello to the Great Dane that walks past the front window every morning, or to warn us of something outside.  It may also mean that they need help or simply want to play.

Non-stop barking can be a sign that something your dog needs isn’t being supplied, like a baby crying all the time.  Is your dog getting exercise for their body, and brain?  Is your dog being played with and shown affection?  This continual barking can be a sign that we as their human caregiver is missing something important.


Does a Beagle Bark a Lot?

While every dog has the capability to bark excessively from time to time, every breed has characteristics that determine if and how often they bark.  This doesn’t mean that choosing a dog breed that doesn’t bark much will ensure they won’t make a lot of noise.  Every dog is an individual and has different needs and ways of expressing themselves.

The individuality of the dog, and who they are will help determine this answer, not just the breed.  As with children, their upbringing, stress level, physical and emotional state as well as the environment with which they live will play a part in how much they bark.

Beagles aren’t the yappy type of dog that barks at any and every chance they get, mailman, neighbor’s cat, leaf blowing past the window.  They do however bark when the right situation arises.  They may bark when something or someone strange appears in what is their territory, and if they are excited by something.  It must be noted they don’t like being left alone and will express this through barking as well.

What Other Noises Do Beagles Make?

beagle howling

As part of the hound group of dog breeds, they can also howl.  This is part of their heritage as a scent dog used during hunting.  Every dog will howl sometimes but those who own a Beagle may find they do this more often than other dogs.

Another noise that a beagle characteristically makes is a baying sound.  Like howling but slightly different, the baying sound is what this breed uses when they have caught a scent, traditionally used during hunting.

Beagles Can Be Trained

beagle not barking in house

Every dog will sometimes vocalize themselves as their human companions do, this varies from dog to dog.  If these noises become a bother or are disturbing, training is the key to helping minimize this behavior.

House training which includes all the behaviors that are acceptable and not acceptable in the house can seem daunting in the beginning with any dog depending on not only their breed but temperament as well.  Behaviors of excessive noise or barking, scratching or digging, and of course not using the house as a bathroom are important for the harmony of all who live there.

For the dog owner with a Beagle one of the best ways to train is to select a method that is working and use it consistently.  Diligence, patience and persistence will be the keys to training this highly intelligent breed.

The beagle can be a bit difficult to train, approach them in a casual but firm demeanor since they can sense your emotions.  Try the method you have selected, if it seems to be a good fit and works but your beagle gets bored easily simply take a break and try again later or on another day.

It should be noted here that beagles appear to enjoy the treat reward method the best (Gee I wonder why?).  Caution should be used to keep them healthy and minimize large amounts of treats.  Splitting them into smaller pieces can help. 

Also, be sure to get your beagle plenty of exercise, we have lots of ideas at such as Running with Your Dog – A Guide for Active Dog Owners

In Conclusion

All dogs bark from time to time to express themselves and communicate something to those around them but generally excessive barking is not a part of who they are.  When their needs are met, with training and patience every dog can learn to control this habit.  Your Beagle might be a bit of a rebel in this department due to their intellectual nature and determination to run the house, but they too can learn what is expected of them.

Patience, persistence, love and understanding is all that is ever needed.

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