September 13 2019


Beagles shed a moderate amount as compared with other breeds. 

Why do beagles shed?

For us to understand why a dog sheds we must first know how their fur works.
The fur on a dog works to help protect their skin which is their most important organ. Their fur keeps them safe from the sun, hot and cold weather as well as other issues in their direct environment, all while regulating the temperature of their body. This helps them to maintain a cool body temperature on a hot day and works to keep their toasty when the weather is chilled outside.
Fur growth is regulated by seasonal and weather changes, hormonal changes such as during pregnancy, health and nutritional issues and who they are individually as a dog.

When does a Beagle shed?

The changes that happen in the environment as well as the health of the dog will determine when a Beagle sheds. Generally, they will tend to shed when Spring and Autumn come around because of weather and daylight changes.
Indoor conditions can also play a part in how your beloved pooches fur behaves. Artificial lighting and controlled temperatures can sometimes cause them to shed continuously.

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Does a Beagle have a double coat of fur?

Beagles have a double coat of fur. There are two layers, the inner layer which is dense and soft and the outer layer which is coarse and is water resistant.
Beagles were bred to to hunt small game such as rabbits and hares and having two layers of fur provide them with better protection while hunting in cold and wet weather.

Is there a way to help my Beagle shed less?

Yes, the ideas below can help keep fur from taking over your house.

Grooming and Bathing

Brushing and grooming your Beagle a few times per week will help minimize the amount of fur that is shed. Probably best to do the brushing in an outdoor area.
While you can find some great tips for bathing a dog in our article How Often Should I Give My Dog a Bath?, this breed of dog doesn’t need to be bathed very often unless they find something interesting to roll around in. Bathing however helps to get rid of excessive fur that would otherwise be shed.

beagle taking a bath


A diet that has all the right nutritional components helps to ensure a healthy dog. Providing the right dog food will help your dog’s overall health, energy, strength and can minimize shedding of their fur.

Vitamin A, Flaxseed and Fish oil are part of a healthy diet for your dog. Adding a teaspoon at meals with their food provides all that they need for a healthy coat of fur.

Their veterinarian can provide information and knowledge on what dog food is recommended and how much food they should eat daily to maintain good health.

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Having the right amount of daily exercise helps maintain a strong and healthy body which can be seen on the outside in a healthier coat of fur that sheds less. We have some great articles with ideas for exercising together with your dog, you can check out one of them about cycling below.

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Health Issues

Handling existing health issues with their veterinarian will help reduce the amount of fur that is shed since certain illnesses can have shedding as a side effect in dogs. The dog might scratch or lick their fur often due to irritated skin and this can make for more fur around the house.


Extra shedding of fur can come from not getting enough fresh, clean water to drink. Dehydration can be a severe problem that can cause many health-related issues in a dog. Providing plenty of water throughout the day will help minimize this issue.

Household Cleaning Products

Although the Beagle has fur that is short you may still notice it around the house. Using a good quality vacuum and vacuuming a couple times a week should reduce fur and provide a comfortable and clean environment.

In Conclusion

While every breed of dog will shed as part of a normal process in the body, it can still be time consuming to deal with.

The thought of all that extra cleaning can seem exhausting, but when we remember all the love and happiness, they bring to our lives it makes all the extra work worthwhile.

The American Kennel Club offers more detailed information about the Beagle dog breed for those who want to learn more about their background and characteristics.

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