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Yes, Dachshunds can get along with cats but this will require proper training as Dachshunds sometimes have difficulty interacting with other pets and even humans.  The Dachshund is a loving breed of dog that can also be very territorial.   They were bred to hunt and scavenger out Badgers and Rabbits which can make them aggressive as well.

Before Introducing the Dachshund and Cat

Socialization of any dog is important for their overall health and well-being.  The ability to get along and feel comfortable with other animals and humans promotes good health and a long life.

Due to the Dachshunds breed background, they can sometimes suffer from difficulties with other pets, including cats.  This doesn't mean that they can't get along with them, it simply means that they must learn proper social skills and what is expected of them.

This socialization should be started in puppyhood, as early as possible for the best outcome due to their very independent mind.

Using a wide variety of social scenarios where they are slowly introduced to cats, other dogs and children will enable them to learn new behaviors.  While their breeding will always be a part of them, it isn’t the only part of who they are as a pooch.

They also need to be trained, this should also be started as early as possible by either the family, breeder or professional.  The Dachshund is a breed that can be very difficult to train so patience combined with persistence will bring success.

Socialization and training go hand and hand, therefore they can be learned and practiced together.

The Proper Introduction

Playful, loyal and loving by nature the Dachshund makes a great family pet.  When a cat already exists in the family some important steps should be taken to minimize problems.

When a Dachshund enters the family, they will likely experience emotions, particularly fear.  This has the potential to bring about aggression, which might surprise some people from such a little dog. 


Adequate Separation Time

Separating the existing house cat and new Dachshund into different areas or rooms of the house is for their health and safety.

Emotions of both pets, as well as reactions to these confusing emotions, can bring on aggressive or negative behaviors.

A safe separation will allow time for emotions to settle in both pets as they are both provided the comfort of a loving home with their needs being met.

Does My Dog Need a Blanket?

While these two pets are separated, they can smell, see and hear each other under the door or through the gate that separates them harmlessly and safely.

First Meetings

While they are separated, each day in a neutral zone the pair can meet up with your supervision.  In these moments they can fully see each other, smell the other’s scent and communicate all while you maintain the peace and watch out for aggressive, territorial or harmful behaviors.

It is best to keep the Dachshund on a leash during these first meetings, this allows you better control over their behavior.  These first meetings should be kept short and sweet with treats, some petting, and soothing words to keep negative emotions from causing problems.

Each pet is unique so it can be hard to determine how long these meetings must go on.  Each one has their personality, temperament, instincts, and emotions to be dealt with.  If each has had successful socializing and training before these first meetings it should be easier.

Your patience and understanding during this time will also help the situation.

Create a Positive Connection

Setting the right mood can help both pets get along and make a bond stronger.  After the initial first meetings have been done, they can start to spend more time in each other’s company.  These visits may be longer but should still be supervised for safety.

Positive connections come from positive experiences which can include:

  • Tandem Treat Sharing
  • Shared Playtime
  • Offering Affection While They are Together

These shared moments can calm emotions, create a loving bond while building on a lifelong friendship.

Can a Dog and Cat Get Along Together?

Yes, a dog and a cat can get along.  It depends on who they are as individuals.  Their history, breeding, personality, health and your home environment help determine that.

Their communication styles might be different, but this doesn’t have to mean difficulty in living together. 

Safety Concerns

If all socialization and training have been completed and the Dachshunds and cats’ needs are being met it is unlikely that a problem will arise.

It is, however, important to note that the Dachshund can sometimes have an aggressive streak and be territorial.  If signs of this or other bad behaviors crop up at any time it is best to revert to step one and separate again.  This can happen at any time during their life since the Dachshund can be moody and changeable depending on their mood.

Separation sends a message; this behavior will not be tolerated.

This can happen to any dog breed, not just the Dachshund.


Final Thought

The Dachshund is small but mighty.  With a protective and strong personality, they like to rule their territory.  Does that mean they can’t live with an equally independent thinking cat?  No, in most cases, it might just mean they have to find their special bond and respect each other’s boundaries.

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