January 30 2020


Yes, French bulldogs and cats can get along.  The French bulldog’s easy-going nature is all welcoming if the introduction is done slowly between them and the house cat.

What Should I do Before Introducing My French Bulldog to My Cat?

Before introducing your French bulldog to your cat, it is important to socialize them.  They should be introduced to a variety of social situations such as other cats, dogs, and humans in a variety of scenarios before the meeting.  This will help them adapt easier to living together in the same household.

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Tips for Proper Introductions Between Dog and Cat

While most Frenchie’s are laid back and get along with everyone there are still some steps that should be taken to create a successful first meeting.  This is perhaps more for the cat than the dog, since cats tend to view the first meeting with less enthusiasm than the Frenchie likely will.

It should be noted that each dog is an individual and some French bulldogs might struggle with meeting cats.

Each family will have a unique style for introducing new furry family members to existing ones.  There is no one correct way to do this, below are some ideas to assist in the process.

Simple and Short First Meeting

The first meeting should be simple.  Keeping the French bulldog with you in a room separated from the rest of the house with a baby or other gate.  The house cat and French bulldog can smell each other, make noises and watch each other from either side of the gate.  This is for their comfort and safety.

Depending on the cat, they might eventually decide to investigate further by entering the room for a closer inspection.  Either way, these first meetings will pave the way for how they get along in the future.

These introductions are beneficial since the human family can control the situation and keep a close eye for possible issues.  Fear, aggression, confusion, and excitement are all possible emotions that each pet will feel during this time.  With patience and understanding, everyone can get through this process.

These introductions should be repeated as many times as necessary for everyone to feel comfortable living together.  The length of time for this transition phase can vary since every pet is different.

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One of the best ways to help them bond in a positive and non-threatening way is through positive reinforcement.  These can include:

  • Offering Treats at the Same Time
  • Sharing Affection While they are Together
  • Playtime Together (Or At Least in the Same Room)

The love, attention, happiness, and fun a French bulldog and cat will experience during these moments will foreshadow any negative moments they may have.  When shared often, these moments easily create acceptance in a non-threatening manner since everyone experiences all the good things life has to offer.

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Can a Dog and Cat Get Along?

Yes, a dog and cat can get along, but this depends on the individual cat and dog.  Their lifestyle, history, breeding, health and personality all factor in.

Throughout history, there have been difficulties getting along making most people believe it impossible.  Their different communication styles can cause misunderstandings that can lead to aggression issues so keep a close eye.

Possible Concerns

The only concern that might come up is territorial issues for the cat.  While most French bulldogs are friendly and open, it is a possibility that the cat becomes territorial of what they consider their home.

Making sure each animal has their own private space where they can eat, and sleep can go a long way to creating harmony between them.

Meeting their needs can also minimize issues.  Enough food, clean water, ample playtime, loving affection and a comfortable place to sleep can keep them happy and satisfied.  If they are comfortable and happy, it is less likely that little things in their environment that change will bother them.

Final Thoughts

The Frenchie, a very easy going and friendly dog will have no trouble getting along with the house cat.  The cat, however, may or may not roll out the welcome mat.

Either way, with time and patience everyone can learn to get along, even the cat and dog.  At the very least, a distant tolerance will likely be the worst-case scenario if they can seem to forget their differences.

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