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No, Frenchies, as they are affectionately known, do not bark much unless they have something important to say. This is very uncharacteristic of a smaller dog breed, let us find out why.

The French Bulldog and Communication

All dogs will bark to communicate with those around them when they have something to say.

The French bulldog doesn’t bark very much but they do have a few unique ways of communicating that make them different from other small dogs that can be yappy or bark none stop.

One way they are different is that if they do decide to bark, it is because they have something important to communicate.  When they are done, they are done.  They will not go on and on yipping and yapping for no reason at all.

While they do bark sometimes, they will also make a sound when they are excited that can be likened to a yelp.  They also will appear to growl at times when they are again, expressing this happy excitement.  The dead giveaway for anyone in question is the telltale, tail wagging that accompanies these sounds.

They have also been known to make gurgling, yawning and a variety of unique sounds that may leave those around them wondering if they have their special secret language that only French bulldogs can understand.

They will likely enjoy singing right alongside you to your favorite tunes as you drive or clean the house!

They also snore due to their flat-shaped face, but that is another story entirely….

How Often Will a French Bulldog Bark?

This varies from one dog to the next.  The French bulldog breed doesn’t bark often but as with humans each has their unique personality so this can vary from one dog to the next.  One may bark more often, another not at all.

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Reasons a French Bulldog Might Bark Often

As a small breed of dog that only barks when necessary, should they suddenly decide to bark a lot there is usually a reason for this?  These reasons can include:

  • Aggression
  • Fear
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Wanting Attention
  • Excitement
  • Weather Changes
  • Their Needs Not Being Met Properly

As you can see, most of the reasons a French bulldog will bark more often are due to how they feel emotionally and physically.    Should this for some reason be a problem with your French bulldog creating a home environment that considers your four-legged friend and ensuring their physical needs are met could resolve the problem.

Owners should ask themselves a variety of questions relating to their pooches needs to make sure everything is being properly met.

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Does My French Bulldog Need Training?

Most French bulldogs do not have a problem with excessive barking.  If, however, your French bulldog does bark excessively, and nothing is working to stop the yapping then first consult their veterinarian or professional dog trainer.

After they have ruled out underlying health issues, training them is an important step to creating a harmonious home life.

Every dog regardless of how often they bark will benefit from training.  It teaches them what is expected of them and how they are supposed to behave in a variety of situations, for example if going out to a restaurant.

If your French bulldog is barking excessively, they will learn when is appropriate to bark, and when they should be quiet.  This will be important for creating a happy and harmonious home for them and their human family, as well as neighbors if you live in an apartment or similar housing.

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This training can be done by a professional or the pooch’s family.  One of the best ways to accomplish this training and get them to stop barking is to positively enforce good behavior.  This means to reward them when they don't bark instead of punishing them when they do.

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Final Thoughts

While most perceive little dogs as yip-yappers, the French bulldog might be small, but they don’t yip and yap for no reason at all.

Owners and visitors will be delighted by their sweetness and excitable personality. The Frenchie will have everyone laughing from their unique communication style!

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