January 20 2020


 No, the French bulldog does not shed a lot and their coat of hair is smooth and fine making it less noticeable when then do.

When Does a French Bulldog Shed?

The French bulldog sheds year-round like any other dog, but minimally.

Changes to weather, health, environment, pregnancy and indoor living conditions can all affect when they shed their hair.

Their peak seasons for the shedding of hair are during the Spring and Autumn.  During these seasons the shedding increases due to seasonal weather changes.

Why Does the French Bulldog Shed?

The French bulldog, like all dogs, sheds their coat of hair as a normal process in their body affected by their external environment and their internal health and well-being.  Seasonal and weather conditions, hormones, overall health all affect how and when each dog sheds.

Their hair protects their largest organ the skin, keeping them safe from the weather as well as bacteria, debris, and other issues in their immediate environment.  It also helps them regulate their body temperature.  This is very important for the French bulldog that often overheats during warm weather.

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Does the French Bulldog Have a Double Coat?

Most Frenchies have a single layer coat of hair.  However, some French bulldogs, typically the brindled breeds, have a double coat.

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Tips for Keeping Shedding Under Control

A Healthy Diet

Offering a well balanced and nutritionally complete diet will help keep them healthy, inside and out, including their coat.  Since each dog is an individual their veterinarian can help determine which dog food is best for their special needs.

Providing the right kind of food in the correct amounts will promote overall better health that will include an abundance of energy, strong muscles, and bones, emotional stability as well as a healthy and beautiful coat.

The addition of certain oils and supplements to their daily diet can also enhance their overall health but should first be discussed with their veterinarian.

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Adequate Water

Dehydration can cause skin and coat issues, keeping your French bulldog hydrated with fresh clean water will keep shedding under control.

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Bathing and Grooming

The French bulldog doesn’t need as much bathing and grooming as other breeds do.  Using a soft bristle brush or glove to groom them weekly and bathing once a month or as needed when they are extra dirty will keep shedding to a minimum.

During the Spring and Autumn seasons, it is best to use a grooming mitt or special stripping comb to help rid them of their excess undercoat.

The Right Exercise

Providing the right amount of exercise helps keep your pooch healthy.  The French bulldog, however, is a brachycephalic dog breed that can have difficulty breathing with too much exercise.

Consulting their veterinarian before adding exercise to their daily routine is best.  However, a few short walks or some playtime in the yard may be the perfect exercise to keep them healthy inside and out.

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Consider Your Frenchie's Health

Existing or unknown health issues can cause their coat of hair to shed often and excessively.  Addressing these problems with their veterinarian can reduce shedding.

Is the French Bulldog Hypoallergenic?

No, the French bulldog is not considered a hypoallergenic dog.

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Tips for the French Bulldogs’ Special Skin Folds

Amidst their hair, the French bulldog has the breed characteristic skin folds that can easily become dirty.  Keeping on top of this will prevent skin issues which can cause excess shedding.  Their veterinarian can discuss how best to keep them clean.  These tips may also help.

  • Clean folds twice weekly or more as needed
  • Use a damp cloth or wet wipe
  • Dry the skin folds thoroughly after

If any moisture gets left behind it can breed bacteria which can be bad news for their coat of hair and skin that can include infections.

A Final Thought

Shedding can be a problem for many dogs but not the French bulldog.  With a minimum amount of fuss, you and your house will always appear to be dog hair-free.  That is until you’re caught snuggling on the couch with this adorable furry companion!

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