November 12 2019

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Miniature Schnauzers bark a lot.  If you decide to welcome one of these wonderful little dogs into your family be ready as they are quite vocal, it is part of  the way they interact.

Selecting a breed of dog for an individual or family comes with a lot of questions and considerations.  If a dog tends to bark a lot it can impact those living in the home, as well as those who live close by.  This can affect which dog breed we select.

Is the Miniature Schnauzer a Breed That Barks Excessively?

Yes, the miniature schnauzer is a breed of dog that likes to bark and be vocal in a variety of ways.  Somewhat outspoken, they can at times have a lot to say.   With a very keen sense of hearing which was useful during their rat hunting days, they can hear very high frequencies, and they don’t miss a sound.

Since they are also excellent little guard dogs, they will use their voice to alert the family when something isn’t right.  Now, that might be that there is a new mailman delivering the mail, but they are just doing their job, right?

All dogs bark to communicate with those around them. For example, when they want to say hello, if they are frightened, excited or being territorial.  No matter what the reason is that they bark, it is a normal and very important part of them expressing their needs, thoughts, feelings and wants.

Every dog will bark, but excessive or continual barking can sometimes be a sign that the dogs needs or wants aren’t being addressed.  Love, attention, exercise, playtime, water and food as well as sleep and bathroom breaks are the first areas a dog owner should look to.  If all these needs are bring met properly on a regular basis, investigating into other areas is necessary.  Questioning what might be happening in their environment is the next place to look.  Does the neighbour’s cat continually walk near the front porch window?  Are there lots of squirrels in the back yard?  Are there any new an interesting happenings where your dog can see or hear them?

If no issues are found, visiting their veterinarian or considering behaviour training should be the next step.

Does the Miniature Schnauzer Make Other Sounds?

No, the miniature schnauzer does not make other noises that are unique or different than any other dog.

They do however bark very loudly at times, which might have their potential owners seeking out a set of earplugs or headphones.

Can a Miniature Schnauzer be Trained to Stop Barking?

Yes, a miniature schnauzer can be trained to not bark as much.  It should be noted however that they are a very intelligent dog breed, which can make it hard for their owner to train them effectively.  Their stubborn nature as well as their need to be independent can initially cause them to resist any training.  They happen to be one of those breeds that doesn’t like to be told what to do, they always want to be in charge.

Every dog can be vocal on occasion.  Each  individual dog will have their own unique characteristics.  While miniature schnauzers do bark often and rather loudly, it is possible to adopt or rescue one that is different in this regard.  This is merely an informative guide to help access if the miniature schnauzer is the correct breed for an individual or family.

Obedience training is an excellent way to teach any dog the acceptable behaviors in a variety of situations.  Training allows every dog to know what is expected of them regarding what can sometimes become bad behaviors.  Barking, scratching, digging, table surfing are just a few such behaviors.

Unfortunately, certain breeds of dog can be harder to train then others.  The miniature schnauzer is one of those breeds.  Patience, persistence and dedication to the task at hand, by the owner will ensure success with this highly intelligent breed.

Showing the miniature schnauzer who is in charge, and not accepting their difficult behaviors is the most important message that can come through in training.  Consistency with praise and rewards that are only offered for good behavior is recommended.

Training sessions should be kept short for the miniature schnauzer since they have a short attention span.  Keeping these training sessions short but also interesting will help make them easier for both owner and dog.

After these daily training sessions, you and your miniature schnauzer might need some physical activity and playtime to release stress, reconnect and have fun.

There are many activities that you and your spunky pooch can enjoy together Taking Your Dog to the Dog Park – A Guide for Active Dog Owners can help you both shake off the day’s stress together!

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Barking and Selecting the Right Dog Breed

Asking certain questions about barking and noise can help an individual or family select the right breed of dog.  These include:

  • If the dog barks a lot, how will that affect my neighbors?
  • Does anyone in the home have a sensitivity to noise?
  • Do I have the time to train a dog that barks excessively?

These questions will help in selecting the right breed of dog.  Combining this with knowledge of the family’s lifestyle, as well as the individual dog’s personality, can help ensure a happy outcome for everyone.

If the Dog Barks a Lot, How Will That Affect my Neighbors?

This question helps ensure the happiness of the dog, family and people around them.  If an apartment will be their home, it might be best to choose a breed that doesn’t bark much.  Should their home be a farm or someplace with plenty of room between them and neighbors, a dog that barks often won’t be as much of an issue.

Does Anyone in the Home Have a Sensitivity to Noise?

This question is highly important for the well-being of all who live within the home.  If there is a family member who can’t handle excessive or loud noises, a breed that has these traits will add stress to the home environment, therefore choosing a quieter breed is best.  In a home where there are children or many people, a dog that likes to bark will likely fit right in.

Do I Have the Time to Train a Dog That Barks Excessively?

This vitally important question will help determine if the individual or family has the time for a breed.  Dogs that like to bark a lot sometimes need obedience training.  This can require the owner to invest larger amounts of time and energy into helping them modify their behavior.  If they don’t have that time or energy to invest and are not able to hire a trainer it is best to select a different breed of dog.

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Mini Schnauzer - The Little Charmer and Comedian

With that sharply tailored appearance and cute face they will likely spend a lot of time barking for attention, which they absolutely love.  Dressing them up during the holidays will only add to their appeal as a little charmer and increase their barking with each ooh and ahh friends and family bestow.

They can sometimes be mischievous and cause trouble if left to long to their own devices.  With a miniature schnauzer in the house, it is likely that if you don’t hear them barking for a reasonable length of time, it might be best to check on them as they just might be engaged in some activity that you might not appreciate such as working hard at figuring out how to gain access to the kitchen cabinet that holds their favorite treats.

Highly active, this breed needs enough exercise to ensure their bad behaviors are kept to a minimum.  It is advised to have a fenced yard.  Should a cute and tiny creature run by them, like all dogs will not only bark but proceed to chase.


In Conclusion

The miniature schnauzer is a breed that barks often and sometimes rather loudly.  While they won’t have a problem telling you and everyone else the goings on, they will also make an excellent watch dog.

With a distinguished mustache and beard, it’s easy to see why this trait is easily overlooked.  If however, it gets to much to bear, we can sympathize, 11 Ways Dogs Enhance Our Health and Wellbeing can remind you why you love them so much!

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