November 19 2019

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Miniature schnauzers do not shed a lot, their fur is easy to maintain and they are hypoallergenic. 

How Much Fur Does a Miniature Schnauzer Shed?

The miniature schnauzer is a breed of dog that sheds hardly any fur at all!  They tend to shed very small amounts when compared to other dog breeds.  This is only a guide, as each individual dog is special.  Such factors of genetics, temperament, overall health and living environment can affect how much fur any dog sheds, regardless of breed.

Is the Miniature Schnauzer Hypoallergenic?

Yes, the miniature schnauzer is hypoallergenic.  With a great personality and minimal shedding, they are a wonderful breed for potential owners that suffer from allergies to dog fur.

It should be noted that some individuals can suffer allergic reactions to specific breeds.  Therefore, it is always best for those individuals who suffer from these types of allergies to spend some time around the miniature schnauzer prior to selecting one.

Proper care and daily brushing of this dog breed will add to their hypoallergenic nature.

Why Does a Miniature Schnauzer Shed Fur?

Shedding of fur is a normal body function that occurs as a result of inner and outer conditions.  Seasonal changes, hormonal changes, health problems and the weather are just some reasons a dog might shed their fur.

A dog’s fur protects their body as well as their most vital organ, their skin from environmental problems including temperature changes, sun and weather damage, and dirt. The fur also insulates them from the cold and cools them when it is hot.

Health conditions, environmental situations as well as dog breed combine to determine how much and how often a dog sheds fur.

When Does a Miniature Schnauzer Typically Shed?

As stated above, each dog’s unique life will determine how and when the dog sheds it coat.

The miniature schnauzer sheds as other dogs do, generally in the spring and fall in preparation for the hot summer weather and cold winter weather.  Depending on the region where a miniature schnauzer makes its home, these times will vary with the seasons.

The rest of the year there is a low amount of shedding for this breed of dog.  When shedding does occur in a miniature schnauzer it is their soft undercoat that often gets trapped in their outer wiry coat instead of shedding all over the place.

Is the Miniature Schnauzer a Breed That Has a Double Coat?

Yes, the miniature schnauzer does have a double coat. This consists of the soft undercoat and a wiry outer coat.  Their coat can be different colors including salt and pepper, solid black, or silver and black.  Their characteristic appearance is highlighted by long hair on the legs, a mustache and a beard.

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What Can Keep My Miniature Schnauzers Shedding to a Minimum?

There are a few tips to keeping the miniature schnauzers shedding under control that include:

Proper Bathing and Grooming for your Dog

Despite being a low shedding breed, the miniature schnauzer needs a bit of extra attention in caring for their coat of fur.  This maintenance doesn’t just keep the home free of fur, but also ensures the health and well-being of anyone coming into the home who has allergies.

Generally, the fur from their undercoat will shed and get caught up in the outer coat.  If left alone and not brushed regularly the miniature schnauzer can suffer from mats of fur.  This can lead to discomfort when grooming is finally done so proper and regular brushing is very important. Brushing daily also distributes the natural oils to all parts of the fur promoting a healthy coat.  Pay special attention chin and legs as these areas have longer fur. 

When bathing the miniature schnauzer, they require a bath monthly, unless they get extra dirty.  Using a gentle shampoo that is designed for dogs will help keep their coat of fur looking beautiful.

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Before bathing, us a blower while brushing to remove excess dander as well as knots or debris.  This also gives time to examine the miniature schnauzers coat for any other problems that might be discovered.

Brushing or bathing in the bathroom or out of doors is a great way to ensure that any shedding fur is kept to a minimum and clean up is easy.  Playing and treats before, during and of course after will keep your dog happy and make a bath special.

This breed of dog requires a more in-depth grooming and clipping session.  It is best to take them to a groomer to do so.  This should happen approximately every 1 ½ to 2 months.

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A Healthy Diet for Healthy Coat of Dog Fur

Offering your miniature schnauzer, a diet that is well-balanced and complete nutritionally will ensure they stay healthy inside and out.  With the assistance of their veterinarian, a dog food that is just right for their needs can be determined.  Many things can determine the right dog food including genetics, health condition and existing environmental issues.

A beautiful and healthy coat of fur, energy, strong bones and a happy temperament are all the result of feeding them the right food.  Certain oils, supplements and vitamins can add to the health of their coat of fur but must be discussed with their veterinarian prior to using.

Our article Can my dog eat…?  What Human Foods Dogs Should Not Eat can offer further tips on diet no-no’s for dogs.

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Exercise is Important a Dog's Coat of Fur

Exercise is a critical part of living a healthy lifestyle for everyone, dogs included.  It helps with mental, emotional and physical health as well as increase energy and provide a beautiful coat of fur.

While the miniature schnauzer doesn’t shed very much, a healthy diet and daily exercise can still provide them with a healthy, shiny and beautiful looking coat of fur.

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Health Problems Can Cause Shedding

If a miniature schnauzer has existing health problems, it is best to consult their veterinarian.  Certain conditions such as existing allergies in dogs can cause irritation, scratching and itching which have a negative affect on their coat of fur.  The fur can behave differently, sometimes more shedding occurs.

Dehydration Can Cause Shedding

If a dog doesn’t receive adequate clean and fresh water daily it can lead to excess shedding of fur.  Keeping your miniature schnauzer well hydrated daily can help prevent skin and fur issues.

House Cleaning to Remove Excess Fur

Even though the miniature schnauzer sheds minimally it is a good idea to use a top-quality vacuum and cleaning products.  This helps to keep the home free of fur and all those in the home healthy.

Other Considerations Regarding a Miniature Schnauzers Fur

Those that have existing health issues, including allergies to dog fur or other allergens will be happy to know the miniature schnauzer is a low allergen dog breed.

No dog is 100 percent hypoallergenic; the miniature schnauzer however provides a lot less shedding and a safer furry friend for those who suffer such issues as asthma, seasonal or other allergies.  Those who suffer may find they have less irritation and inflammation and suffer less health problems by owning this breed of dog.

Special Features of The Miniature Schnauzer

As a dog breed in the terrier group of the American Kennel Club they were originally used on farms, hence the double coat.  This popular breed of dog has a lifespan of approximately 12-14 years depending on their environment and lifestyle.

They weigh between 13-15 pounds and are 12-14 inches tall with a cute little mustache and beard as well as longer fur at the leg.

Clipping is characteristic for those miniature schnauzers that aren’t in the show ring.  For show quality, hand stripping ensures they have the characteristic required appearance.

Health conditions that are noted with this breed include heart, eye and skin issues.  These can affect the health of their fur coat as well as how much of often they shed.  Addressing them with their veterinarian can minimize problems associated with these health issues.

In Conclusion

The shedding of a dog’s fur can be problematic in any household, but more so for those who suffer allergies.  Thankfully those individuals can rest easy knowing there is a breed of dog that is adorable, smart and friendly which they can call their own, without all that shedding of fur!

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