January 08 2020


Yes, Poodles do get along with cats.  Read on to find out what makes this breed such a good choice for a family with a cat.

Why Are Poodles Great Cat Companions?

Poodles are such great cat companions because they have a very easy-going, fun-loving personality.  They are a friendly breed of dog that tends to get along with everyone.   These dogs will easily overlook the fact that the cat, is a cat.

Since they were not bred for hunting or any other aggressive sport you won’t find them chasing the cat.  It should be noted though that they are a very active breed that needs plenty of exercises to expel pent up energy and behave at their best.  This is very important for the sporting standard poodle which is the largest of the three sizes.

All three poodle sizes, the standard, the miniature, and the toy will all get along with a cat, the standard poodle being the top choice among the three.  The toy poodle can at times be snappish, the cat may be on the receiving end but thankfully they are close in size.

The Cat Vs. The Poodle

Cats are notorious for being moody and temperamental, regardless of what breed they are.  While the poodle will likely get along great with any cat, the cat might have an issue with the poodle.  Thankfully, the poodle’s mellow and easy-going nature will easily settle any issues the cat might have.

Do Poodles Shed A Lot?

The Regal Guard Dog

Poodles can be a very protective guard dog when it comes to their family, no matter which size they are.  This protective guard dog mentality will extend to protecting the house cat which they will consider to be family.

Introduction Tips for Kitty and Poodle

Trim Nails – Unless the house cat is declawed, trimming their nails is the best way to start this new friendship.

Control the Situation – While you can’t control your cat with a leash, you can control the poodle by putting them or keeping them on the leash.  This gives you greater control over the situation should something go wrong.

Introduce Slowly – When introducing the house cat and poodle it is important to take things slowly.  Even though the poodle is open-minded when it comes to friendship, how the cat will react is questionable.  Introduce them for short blocks of time at first to minimize their stress.

Supervision – During these introductions, it is important to always supervise.  Unforeseen situations can suddenly arise due to their emotions.  If one tries to physically hurt the other, end the introduction immediately for their safety.

Escape Route – Provide for the cat, a way to escape the situation if they feel uncomfortable.  If a cat feels they cannot escape a bad situation they will likely lash out and hurt the dog.

Provide Treats and Attention – Nothing brings animals together like treats and some well-deserved attention.  Creating a positive introduction helps pave the way to a bright and friendly future.  Be sure to offer treats and attention to each one equally, neither should feel left out.


Do Poodles Bark A Lot?

Possible Problem Areas

While the poodle is a breed that is low key, the miniature and toy poodles can sometimes be a bit high strung and snappish at times.  Sometimes the house cat may not appreciate these personality traits, they may end up clawing the poodle to get them to settle down.

This is a rare occasion since most poodles, even the miniature and toy versions are still relatively laid back and easy going.

Keeping the cat’s nails trimmed always will also help the dog feeling comfortable around the cat.

Peace Among Friends

All good friendships have rules and boundaries, the friendship between the poodle and cat are no different.  Creating a lasting, quality bond between them takes time, energy and patience.

Get Enough Exercise

Ensuring that the poodle gets enough quality exercise is a good place to start.  A tired dog is less likely to act up.  The same can be said for the house cat, having some playtime goes a long way to modify their behaviors.

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

Provide Hideouts

Providing secluded hideouts for each animal will offer them some special spots to get away from the household stress, which can sometimes include the cat or poodle.

Have Patience

Most lasting friendships aren’t made right away, they take effort and work to succeed.  In the beginning, if things don't quite go as planned with this pair, don't fret it is likely that they just need more time to adjust to living with each other.

Final Thoughts

While the friendship between a cat and dog can sometimes be tricky, the poodle is a peaceful breed that will easily accept a cat family member.  If for some reason they decide they can’t get along, they will accept one another with a tolerable indifference.

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