October 01 2019

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Poodles do not shed a lot and their hair is easy to maintain. In addition, they are considered a hypoallergenic breed.

How Much Hair will My Poodle Shed?

A poodle is a breed of dog that doesn’t shed much hair, shedding minimally when compared to other dogs.  It should be noted that this is a guideline as every dog is uniquely their own, regarding environment, genetics, personality and health.  One poodle might shed more than another even though they are the same breed of dog.

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Are Poodles Hypoallergenic?

Since poodles do not shed a lot and they normally do not produce much dander they are a relatively hypoallergenic breed.  It should be noted that people with allergies to dogs are sensitive to proteins in dander and urine and other allergens which might be carried on fur and hair.  These allergens can more easily come into contact with people when the dog is petted or groomed or simply walks around the house or gives a quick shake and allergens become airborne.  Also, when a dog sheds, the hair and fur carry allergens all over the house. Some people can also be allergic to specific breeds so keep this in mind.

When will a Poodle Shed its Hair?

As noted above, the situations that stimulate shedding in a dog are special and each dog breed is different.

The poodle has a unique way of shedding its hair that isn’t typical to every breed of dog.   Unlike dogs who have fur that grows, stops growing and falls out approximately every couple of days, the poodle has hair which continually grows and sheds every couple of weeks because they have a longer anagen phase which is the first phase of hair growth as opposed to breeds that have fur.

There are four phases in all beginning with the anagen phase, then catagen, followed by telogen and finally exogen.  In the catagen phase there is continued growth, the telogen phase in an inert phase and the exogen phase is when the shedding happens.  This final phase for a poodle is shorter than a dog breed with fur.

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Does a Poodle Have a Double Coat of Hair?

No, the poodle is a breed of dog that has a single layered coat of curly hair that is dense and soft.  This sometimes wavy or woolly soft hair comes in a large variety of colours that range from champagne to apricot, sable and silver, to name a few.  They can also have a multi-coloured coat of hair that is known as the particolored coat, and patterns of brindle and phantom.

What Will Help Keep a Poodle's Hair Healthy?

There are many things that can be done to keep a poodle’s hair from shedding, matte free and healthy.  Read on for tips and ideas.


Bathing and Grooming for Poodle Hair Health

Poodles have a coat of hair that needs a lot of attention and maintenance if it is to be kept clean, neat and beautiful.

The hair of a poodle doesn’t simply shed and fall off around the house, it tangles up within the other hairs around it sometimes creating a matt of hair.  Grooming is very important for this breed to maintain comfort and beauty.

A poodle may need to be bathed once a week for cleanliness.  This depends largely on how their coat of hair is kept.  Some poodles do best with a shaved or well-trimmed coat of hair while others are okay to be kept long.  If the coat of hair is kept long it can get dirty fast in certain areas as the face, ears, paws and tail.  If they aren’t not bathed frequently it is at least recommended that these areas be cleaned individually and given extra attention as needed for the comfort and health of the poodle.

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When bathing, brush before, then after they are bathed and had their hair dried.  Using a hypoallergenic shampoo can prevent skin irritations in dogs that suffer.  Pay close attention to the areas of their ears since this breed is susceptible to ear infections, trimming hair in and around their ears may be necessary.

Bathing out of doors when weather permits or in an easy clean area like the bathroom works best.  Playtime and treats before, during and after keep the bath time special and enjoyable for everyone.

Regular daily brushing will also help keep a toy poodle’s hair neat and healthy.  The poodle will need to visit the groomer or grooming table often, approximately every 6-8 weeks for a trim or shaping of their coat.  For those wishing to experiment with styles there are many clip styles to choose from for this breed.

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Why do Dogs Shed Hair?

The shedding of hair is a natural process that occurs in a dog’s body as a result of internal and external conditions.  Weather, seasonal changes, pregnancy and other health issues can all play a part in this process.

A dog’s hair is designed to protect their body and its most vital organ, the skin.  It works to protect them from environmental issues of sun damage, temperature changes and dirt that could harm their body.  The hair also works as insulation against the cold and helps them stay cool when it is hot.

Dog breed, health condition, living and environmental situations will work together to determine how much and how often a dog will shed its hair.

A Healthy Diet for Healthy Coat of Dog Hair

Providing your poodle with a well-balanced diet that is nutritionally complete helps keep them healthy on the inside and out.  Dog food that is designed for their own unique needs can be determined by their veterinarian.  Environmental issues, genetics and health condition play a part in determining what is best for each individual poodle.

A healthy coat of hair, strong bones and muscles as well as energy and emotional state can all benefit from a proper diet.  Supplementing with certain oils and vitamins can help with the health of their coat of hair but should be discussed first with their veterinarian.

Our article Can my dog eat…?  What Human Foods Dogs Should Not Eat can offer further tips on diet no-no’s for dogs.


Exercise is Great for Dog's Hair

Exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone, including dogs.  It increases energy, aides in emotional and mental health as well as helps maintain a healthy body inside and out, including their coat of hair.

While a poodle sheds minimally, their coat can still benefit from a healthy diet and daily physical exercise to keep it shiny and beautiful.

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Health Issues Might Affect Shedding

Any health issues a poodle might have should be addressed with their veterinarian to maintain a healthy coat of hair.  Certain health issues such as allergies in dogs are known for causing irritation, itching and scratching which can affect how the hair behaves, sometimes causing excess shedding.


Dehydration Could Increase Shedding

Dehydration can lead to extra shedding of hair as well as other health issues.  Providing plenty of clean, fresh water for your poodle to drink on a regular basis will keep them properly hydrated and help minimize skin and hair related issues, promoting a healthy body.


Cleaning the House - Get Rid of the Hair

While the poodle doesn’t shed their hair a lot it is still a good idea to have a good quality vacuum at home to keep the house as hair free as possible.


Other Things to Consider About a Poodle’s Hair

For those individuals and families who have issues with allergies to dog hair and dander the poodle is considered the top hypoallergenic dog according to the American Kennel Club.

While no dog can claim to be 100 percent hypoallergenic, this low allergen quality can benefit those who love dogs but struggle with health issues due to an allergy to dog hair or fur and dander.  Even individuals who struggle with asthma, seasonal or other allergies can benefit from having a poodle as opposed to another dog breed.  Their low amount of shedding combined with being hypoallergenic can create less bodily irritation and inflammation for these people who characteristically suffer due to these health conditions.


How Many Poodle Varieties are There?

According to the American Kennel Club there are 3 distinctly recognized poodles which vary in size.  The standard poodle is always taller than 15 inches, followed by the miniature poodle that measures between 10-15 inches tall.  Finally, there is the toy poodle which may be the cutest of all at under 10 inches tall.  Whichever poodle an individual or family choose, they are beautiful, social, smart and affectionate.


In Conclusion

While shedding of hair can be a problem for some dogs, the poodle is lucky in this regard.  What a poodle owner gains in less shedding they lose in extra time grooming.  Either way this affectionate breed will be loved by everyone they meet for their smart, affectionate and pleasant demeanor.


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