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Rottweilers generally do not bark a lot for no reason.  Calm and quiet by nature it will be a rare occasion to hear them make noise, but when they feel the need and do bark they are quite loud.

Will My Rottie Bark a Lot for No Reason?

Every dog will have some moments where they like to bark, depending on their level of curiosity and their environment.  Each breed has certain characteristics that help determine how much and how often they will bark.

When a family is learning about a specific breed, they may find that the breed does or doesn’t bark a lot.  It is important to remember that this is a general guideline as each dog will be unique regarding behaviors and personality.

The rottweiler is a dog breed that isn’t very vocal.  This doesn’t mean that they never bark, but simply that they will bark only when necessary.  Unlike certain dogs that tend to bark at any noise or other commotion in their environment, the rottweiler will bark when it’s important.

Due to their breeding as a protector, barking might come as a warning of protection for their family and home.  Rotties will bark, and bark loudly, when they feel there is any type of intruder.

Does the Rottweiler Make Other Noises?

The rottweiler has a unique sound that can confuse people.  With a reputation as a physical strong and capable guard dog, it can come as a surprise when they make what can be termed a “rumbling” noise.  This noise can be interpreted as a growl, it is often made when they are happy and receiving affection not when they are aggressive.

This very loving nature can be quiet contradicting to their outward appearance.  This sound which comes from deep within their throat can be likened to that of a cat purr.  It is a sign of contentment and happiness which can be a delightful surprise in this protective warrior.  There are any other ways a rottweiler shows affection.

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Training a Rottweiler

All dogs will use their voice to express themselves to their human family from time to time.   This will vary from one dog to another and if it becomes a bother, the dog will need training.

The rottweiler is a breed that thrives on structure and obedience training, knowing what is expected of them.   Proper socializing and obedience training around all types of people and situations within and outside the home ensure their best possible behavior.

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Due to their very intelligent nature it is likely that they will understand the house rules sooner than their owner anticipates.   They are physical and athletic but can believe themselves to be lap dogs which can make it easy to forget that they need regular training sessions.  It is important for them to understand who is always in charge as they can sometimes be stubborn in nature.

Such behaviors as barking, scratching or digging and table surfing are easier to manage with a properly trained dog.  This training allows a dog to understand what is acceptable and not acceptable in their home environment.

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The Rottweiler – The Powerful Protector

With an immense size and dominant personality, it is easy to see why many people shy away from the rottweiler.  Highly intelligent working dogs that are loyal protectors until the bitter end it is understandable why they are so often used in military and police work.

The silent warrior is a true family dog that loves attention.  They enjoy being near their human family not only to protect but to share in the fun. 

Rottie's love to eat and need to eat quite a bit due to their size and activity level. This love of food will likely cause them to bark when they feel they haven’t gotten enough to eat or want more!

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To keep bad behaviors in check, including barking, it is important that the rottweiler receive ample physical activity as well as the mental exercise that comes with obedience training.

Why Does a Dog Bark?

Choosing a dog breed to become a member of your family is a huge step.  Breed information and knowledge is an important first step to determining which dog will be best for each unique family.

Barking can affect our neighbors as well as the individuals in the household in a positive or negative way.  Therefore, considering where we live, who lives in the home and how a dog will affect our neighbors can assist us in making the right choice for everyone.


Barking is one way a dog communicates with humans.  From the excited hello to the scared yelp and everything in between, barking is the best way for them to communicate their needs, wants, thoughts and feelings to their human family.

Some dogs have a unique bark for each emotion, want or need and as you get to know your canine companion you will recognize what different barks mean.  Whether they want to play, are scared of the noise coming from the basement or see a familiar four-legged friend out the front window their barking helps them express themselves.

Barking that is continual or excessive can spell a problem that needs addressing.  It is possible that a dog’s needs, such as food, water, exercise, affection, play, comfort, rest or to use the bathroom are not being properly met.

Questions can help their human family figure out what the problem might be.  These can include:

  • When was their last walk?
  • Do they need to use the bathroom?
  • Did I remember to feed them today?
  • Is their water bowl empty?
  • Are they hurting?
  • Did they get enough sleep?

If all their needs are being met and they continue to bark excessively it might be time for a trip to the veterinarian.

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Addressing Barking Issues

Certain questions regarding barking and other noises help the individual or family choose the right dog breed.  These can include:

  • How will my dog’s barking affect my neighbors?
  • Does anyone have a sensitivity to noise?
  • Do I have time for obedience training?

Combining these questions with knowledge of the dog’s personality and family’s lifestyle can create a happy outcome.

How Will my Dog’s Barking Affect my Neighbors?

Barking can be distracting and sometimes annoying to those who don’t have a dog.  Knowing your neighborhood laws and regulations with regards to dogs and barking and knowing your specific neighbors and how they might handle a dog next door will assist an individual or family in selecting the right breed and the right training.

Does Anyone Have a Sensitivity to Noise?

Considering all the family members is important for everyone’s happiness.  Certain individuals may have a hard time handling loud or excessive noises and this should be considered.  Allowing all members of the family to participate in the decision to welcome a dog into the family is important and will help in selecting a breed that is a good fit.

Do I Have Time for Obedience Training?

Training is necessary for every dog, some more than others.  Considering how much time and money can be offered to this task will ensure the right dog is chosen.  Rottweilers are extremely intelligent and relatively easy to train but proper training will still require time and effort.

In Conclusion

Dogs bark, this is a fact of life similar how we communicate with each other.  They use this form of communication to express their needs, wants and emotions.

The rottweiler will likely bark as an expression of protection or when there is good reason.  With love and affection, a rottweiler will express themselves with the surprising “purr” that shows their happiness and contentment.

Whatever their reason for barking, the rottweiler is just a big teddy bear will lots of love and loyalty to share!

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