September 21 2019


Rottweilers shed a moderate amount of fur throughout the year when compared with other dog breeds.  They do however shed fur rather heavily in certain seasons and since they are a large dog there is more hair to cover your furniture.

How Much Fur Will a Rottweiler Shed?

Each breed of dog has their own unique shedding process based on many factors.  The rottweiler is no different, with their own special genetic makeup that will determine the amount of fur they shed for each individual dog.

Generally, they will shed a moderate amount of fur throughout the year when compared with other dog breeds.  They do however shed fur rather heavily in certain seasons.


Are Rottweilers Hypoallergenic?

Rottweilers are not considered a hypoallergenic breed. People with allergies to dogs are sensitive to proteins in dander and urine and other allergens which might be carried on fur and hair.  These allergens can more easily come into contact with people when the dog is petted or shakes off some dust after quick roll in grass and allergens become airborne.  Also, when a dog sheds as the rottie does, the hair and fur carry allergens all over the house.


Why Does a Rottweiler Shed?

If we want to understand why a rottweiler might shed, we must first get to know how their fur works.  A dog’s fur protects their skin which is the most important organ in their body.  It helps keep them safe from elements like the sun and hot or cold weather, not to mention other issues in their immediate environment.  It also works to keep their body temperature where it is supposed to be, helping them stay cool or warm when necessary.

Shedding of their fur happens with the change of weather and seasons and with hormonal issues, such as pregnancy.  It may also happen if they have an underlying health issue or nutritional needs that are not being met by their diet.  While shedding fur is a normal part of a dog’s life, there are many factors that play into this process.


When Will a Rottweiler Shed Fur?

Environmental changes as well as the overall health condition of the rottweiler will determine when this shedding happens.  The obvious changes that come with the seasons, such as daylight and weather or temperature changes will affect this.

When it comes to the increase or decrease of daylight with the seasons, it causes change in their hair follicles to let their bodies know what type of fur coat they will need.  The longer periods of light signal summer or warmth, while the shorter periods of light signal winter or colder temperatures.

When the temperature drops or increases it stimulates changes in the dog’s body, their coat will thin to deal with the upcoming warm weather or thicken to deal with the cold season that is on its way.

Such other issues as indoor conditions can affect when they shed.

Artificial lights and temperatures that are controlled are a huge benefit to the comfort and well-being of the dog but can sometimes play a part in how their body and fur behaves.  In certain situations, these indoor controlled climates can create issues for a rottweiler.

Their coat may not change very much is they spend most of their life indoors.  They may shed all year due to a more consistent climate and artificial light.  Feeling consistently warm in the winter and cool in the summer can throw this natural process out of balance, effecting the dog’s fur coat.

Does a Rottweiler Have a Double Coat of Fur?

Yes, the rottweiler is a breed of dog that has a double coat of fur.  They have what is 2 layers of hair, an inner coat and outer coat.   The outer coat works to repel moisture and dirt, while the inner coat, which is softer and thicker keeps them warm and cool.  The inner coat can be thought of as extra insulation to protect their body.

This breed was originally a working dog that spent large amounts of time outdoors in diverse elements.  They pulled carts to the market, drove cattle, and served in the military and police.  With this knowledge it is understandable how a double coat can be necessary and helpful for this breed.

Is it Possible to Help a Rottweiler Shed Less Fur?

Yes, the ideas listed below can minimize the amount of fur shed in and around a house.

Cleaning and Brushing A Rottie's Fur

To minimize the amount of fur that they shed daily it is necessary to make bathing and brushing a normal part of their routine.

Bathing a rottweiler every three to four weeks in warm weather and six to eight weeks in cooler weather will help keep the fur under control.  Of course, if they don’t seem to need a bath extra brushing will work as well.  Brushing should be done daily as part of their regular routine to get rid of excessive amounts of fur.

During the Spring and Autumn seasons when they tend to shed more, they can be bathed as often as once every two weeks to help with this problem. 

Both bathing and brushing should be done outside when weather allows to minimize indoor clean-up.


Nutrition Can Affect Shedding

The amount of food that a rottweiler consumes, as well as what they eat helps to create a healthy body inside and out, including fur.  Changes to the amount of fur that is shed can sometimes be an indication that nutritional needs are not being met properly by their diet.  Providing the right nutrition ensures that they are at their best daily, strong, energetic and beautiful.

Supplements of Fish oil, Vitamin A and Flaxseed oils are healthy for your dog’s overall health and can be put directly into their dog food, 1 teaspoon per meal.  These oils help keep their coat of fur healthy.

The type of dog food that is best for them, if supplements should be given and anything else regarding their diet should be discussed with their veterinarian.  They know the history of the dog related to health issues, genetics and other important information that play a part in their health. 

How Much Should I Feed My Dog? What is the Best Type of Dog Food?

Physical Activity Can Affect Shedding

Each dog is unique regarding how much exercise they need daily.  When they receive adequate physical activity on a regular basis it shows on the outside of their body.  Their coat sheds less and shines, their eyes are bright, they are strong and lean.  Our article Running with Your Dog – A Guide for Active Owners highlights a great activity for the Autumn season that can be a way for human and pooch companions to bond and connect while getting exercise.


Illness can cause increased Shedding

Certain illnesses and diseases can cause increased shedding.  Of course, any illness or disease should be addressed with your dog’s veterinarian to help ensure a long healthy life as well as reduce the amount of shedding of fur which is can be a side effect of illness.

This side effect is not only a nuisance in the amount of cleaning it can add but also can cause distress in the dog.  Increased scratching and licking can be the dog’s reaction to the illness and can make them very uncomfortable.

If they are taking any medications for existing health issues, these can also cause scratching, licking and shedding of fur which should be discussed with their veterinarian.  These side effects can sometimes be eliminated if it is possible to change medications.


Fluid Intake Can Affect Shedding

Dehydration can be a problem for any dog who doesn’t get enough clean and fresh water to drink daily.   Often overlooked, dehydration can lead to health issues if not addressed.

Large amounts of fur being shed can be a sign that they are not getting enough fresh water to drink.   Addressing this issue is simple and quick, aiding in the overall health of the rottweiler.  This issue needs special attention in summer months, this is covered in our article 23 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Dog in the Summer

Household Cleaning

Using good quality cleaning products can keep shedding under control during the Spring and Autumn season.  A good quality vacuum will go a long way at keeping a home clean and free of tremendous amounts of fur.  Including vacuuming in the daily or weekly house cleaning routine should keep everyone in a comfortable, clean environment.

In Conclusion

Time spent on cleaning can be minimized by implementing practical steps to care for a pooch.  It may seem like a lot to do in the beginning, but with time it will become a normal part of the day that brings harmony to everyone’s life and health.

Those dog kisses, playful licks and fury smiles make it all worth-while.

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