January 05 2020

Yes, Yorkies will bite their owners, biting and nipping can be a problem with Yorkies if they are not trained properly.  Below you will learn the reasons Yorkshire Terriers bite and nip and learn the best ways to stop this behavior.

 Yorkie Looking Up Nipping Biting

Why do Yorkies Bite and Nip Their Owners?

  • Learned behavior –when Yorkies are puppies and are playing with their siblings, they bite and nip as a part of normal behavior.  However, when the Yorkie becomes part of our human family we need to change this behavior as early as possible.
  • Territory protection – all dogs are territorial and they will protect what they feel is theirs
  • Fear – if you yorkie feels threatened and is afraid it will bite
  • Pain – if you fur baby is in pain it could possibly bite you as a protective mechanism
  • Lonely – Yorkies need our love and attention, if your Yorkie is feeling the need for human interaction it could possibly bite or more likely nip at you as a way to begin playing

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How Can I Stop My Yorkie From Biting and Nipping People?

When you welcome your new Yorkie into your home it is important to begin training the very first day.  The first time your new canine companion bites or nips you should begin using the two methods immediately and continue using them until the behavior is corrected.

First, pull your hand back (or foot, I have been nipped on the foot more than once…) and use a firm tone to say a certain word such as “ouch”.  Use the same word and the same tone each time so your Yorkie understands that what they are doing is not appropriate. 

Do not laugh and play as your puppy nips at you, it might seem cute when they are small but as they grow their bite will become quite painful.  In addition to being painful, this behavior will be unacceptable and unwelcomed in social situations.

If your Yorkshire Terrier is becoming aggressive and biting due to being territorial, be sure to use the proper tone when using the above method, you are the leader in the relationship and you need  to let your pup know.

Sometimes if a dog is fearful in a given situation they might bite.  Many times this is a misunderstanding as the dog is not actually in danger.  Teaching them that this behavior is unacceptable in any situation is the best method.

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Noticing if your Yorkie is in pain from an injury or other medical problem will be easier as you get to know your dog.  Once you determine that your fur baby has an issue it is best to get to the vet as soon as possible.

Yorkies love to play with their human owners and need lots of love an attention.  If you Yorkie is feeling lonely they could nip at you with the hope of having some fun.  Even though this seems innocent enough, biting or nipping in the situation is still unacceptable and should be dealt with as per above.

If the method above is not working you can also ignore your Yorkie for five minutes or so.  No talking, no giving toys, no interaction at all.  The cute little ball of fur is irresistible and you might find yourself making eye contact and then going for the hug and cuddle.  Resist the temptation, the goal is to modify their behavior for their own good and the good of other members of the family.  Their will be plenty of time for hugs and kisses.


Final Thoughts

We love our Yorkies, but biting and nipping are unacceptable behaviors that are all too common with this breed.  Proper training is critical to creating a long-term, happy relationship.  Be steadfast and do not give into that adorable little face during training.  Your human family and friends will surely appreciate a well-behaved dog.  Your Yorkie will also appreciate the tough love in the long term as they will be a well-behaved member of the pack with all the rewards that come with that relationship, hug, kisses, lots of playtime, great toys, yummy treats, belly rubs… …..

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