October 25 2019

Sleep problems happen to everyone including dogs.  For those who own a dog suffering from sleep problems, they may be curious if CBD Oil can help, the answer is a resounding YES!

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Do Dogs Really Suffer from Sleep Problems?

Yes, dogs do suffer from sleep problems just as humans do.

The type of sleep issues a dog might suffer would be the same we humans occasionally suffer from, anxiety or stress that is left over from the day or pent up energy that wasn’t expelled during the day.

When it comes time for the sand man to visit your four-legged best friend having too much anxiety or stress, or not enough exercise can make it hard for them to relax, unwind and lull off to sleep.  If they do fall asleep, they might wake up during the night any number of times to offer friendly licks to wake you up or get into trouble.

A dog should sleep anywhere from 12-14 hours a day to optimize the overall health of their body.  Without this proper rest their body doesn’t restore itself, and no amount of food, playtime, exercise or love can fix that.  Sleep also gives them the energy that they need to tackle a busy day.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is a compound that is found in the Cannabis Sativa L plant.  During processing the THC, the chemical that causes the “high”, is removed making the oil safe for dogs to use.  With each manufacturer the process of this extraction is different, selecting a good quality product is necessary.

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How Will CBD Oil Help my Dog Sleep?

In humans and dogs, we have what is known as the endocannabinoid system.  Within this system there are receptors that are found in the brain, organs and nervous system that naturally release chemicals to help us relax and deal with pain.  During times of extreme stress this system may have a hard time keeping up.

CBD Oil interacts with these receptors in a dog, promoting relaxation and relief from pain.  Supplementing with this oil can be beneficial for dogs who have excessive amounts of anxiety or other issues that might cause them difficulty with sleep.  It can provide comfort from the physical symptoms that come from an over stressful or difficult day for any dog.

Signs of Sleep Problems in Dogs

  • Whining or Crying
  • Confusion
  • Sluggishness
  • Aggression
  • Waking up Frequently at Night
  • Sudden Change in Behavior

These signs are a starting point for a dog owner to address their pooch’s health.  Since these can also be an indication of other health problems.  If, after some lifestyle modifications, they don’t subside a visit to their veterinarian is recommended.

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What Causes a Dog to Suffer Difficulty Sleeping?

Finding the cause of sleep troubles in dogs can turn their loved ones into pet detective, thankfully after some investigating usually the issue will reveal itself.

Some thoughts include:

  • Loneliness
  • Pent-up extra energy
  • Nigh-time noises
  • Emotional problems
  • Physical ailments
  • Recent traumatic event
  • Lifestyle changes of a new family member, moving, death, abandonment
  • Hunger, thirst or need to use the bathroom

Any of these can cause trouble sleeping in anyone.  If, however you are unable to help your dog find relief with CBD Oil or other ideas it is always best to check with their veterinarian as underlying health problems can also cause difficulty sleeping in dogs.


Dog Breeds That Suffer Sleep Problems

Any dog breed can suffer from simple sleep issues from anxiety and stress.  There are however some breeds that can suffer more severe sleep related issues of Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy and REM Behavior Disorder.  These include:

  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Boston Terrier
  • English Bulldog
  • Pug

These sometimes-severe sleep issues must first be addressed with their veterinarian prior to starting any supplementation with CBD Oil.


What Are the Precautions for Using CBD Oil in Dogs?

Using a high-quality supplement that has purity and potency that is tested by a 3rd party lab is very important.  The quality of the CBD oil should have 0.0% THC since dogs can have adverse reactions to this chemical.

Following the standard recommendations of dosage will ensure a dog’s safety.  Each dog will react differently, so it is best to start at a low dose.  This will help achieve the desired result at just the right amount, which is individual to each dog.

It is important to consult with their veterinarian to prevent the risk of overdosing of this or any other supplement of medication.

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Correct Dosage of CBD Oil is Important

Using the correct dosage is important to a dog’s overall health, certain factors can affect the amount of CBD Oil administered.  These include:

  • Potency of Product
  • Illness Being Treated
  • The Dogs Weight
  • A Dogs Overall Health and Age

Starting with a small dose is best to see how a dog reacts to the product.  This will ensure proper dosing for their condition.  Generally .2mg of CBD Oil per pound of dog is a good starting point.  Consult their veterinarian before giving any new supplement.


Is Supplier and Quality Important When Choosing a CBD Oil for a Dog?

Yes, finding the best supplier and quality will ensure that the product will be free of unnecessary additives that could cause harm.  Since the supplement industry isn’t regulated there can be products that contain hardly any to no actual CBD Oil in them.  Research and selection of a reputable supplier can bring peace of mind, knowing the product is safe.

ChewUp’s CBD Dog Chews and Oil Tincture use the best quality organice CBD Oil that is always tested by 3rd party labs to ensure potency and quality.


How Can Best Give CBD Oil to My Dog?

There are multiple ways to administer CBD Oil that include:


Who doesn’t love a good treat right?  Dogs have their favorites, and this can aide in administering this supplement.  Add the CBD Oil to the treat for a rewarding treat that packs a real punch for your pup!

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Pre-Made Treats

The pre-made dog treat industry includes products that contain CBD Oil.  Our Dog Chews are a fun way to administer CBD Oil to your dog.


A dog is unlikely to turnup their nose at our CBD Oil Tincture when it is added to their breakfast or dinner.  Our product includes a marked dropper which makes it easy to administer in their store bought or homemade dog food.

Directly by Mouth

Some dogs will always detect when something has been added to their food or treats.  In these situations, it can be very hard to get the CBD Oil into their system.  Using our CBD Oil Tincture, you can simply dispense directly into their mouth. 


Tips for Promoting Sleep for Dogs

As with a child, running a series of questions through the mind before putting them to sleep at night will help ensure a better night sleep for everyone.  These questions can include:

  • Did they have enough to eat?
  • Have they been to the bathroom recently?
  • Was enough attention and affection offered?
  • Did they get proper exercise?
  • Did something traumatic or stressful happen today?
  • How is their health?
  • Was there enough playtime?
  • How about a walk before bed?

These questions will help determine if your pooch had any problems during the day that weren’t addressed.  By addressing them before bed, as tired as you probably are, minimizes the likelihood that they will wake you.

Once these questions have been answered and all bases have been covered, the below tips can work in conjunction with the CBD Oil to promote sleep.

Provide a Comfortable Sleep Zone

Like humans, dogs need to have a comfortable place to sleep.  Somewhere that is physically comforting and free of excessive noise or distracting.  Beside a window or where there is excessive light might not be the best place to promote their sleep.

If they have a spot in the home that they prefer to laydown or seem to get good sleep, this might be the best spot for them to rest.

Water and Food

Having regular feeding times puts a schedule on their digestive system when they are healthy.  This will help minimize the need for bathroom trips during sleeptime.  Conversely, ensuring that they have enough water to drink throughout the earlier part of the day is crucial, this can limit them from drinking at midnight and having to use the bathroom at soon thereafter.

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Also, just as we sometimes enjoy a small little something before bed, offering a treat would be nice.  This way they don’t go to bed hungry but with a little something special to help relax.  This can be a great way to administer the CBD Oil.

In Conclusion

Sleep issues can happen to anyone, human and dog alike.  It is always important to get adequate rest for optimum health and wellness.  Addressing underlying health issues while ensuring that your pooches needs are addressed can go a long way to promoting a good night’s rest.

For those moments when they still suffer CBD Oil can be a healthy and safe alternative method for helping them relax and unwind.  Not to mention that you will get more rest too, can anyone say more playtime with their fury best friend?

All those morning “wake up” licks are reason enough to help them sleep well and feel their best for a fun filled day!

After you both have had a good night’s rest perhaps a trip to the dog park is just the activity to start your day.  Taking Your Dog to the Dog Park – A Guide for Active Dog Owners has tips for having the best day ever, together!

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