December 29 2019

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Yes, a rottweiler needs a fenced-in yard.  This over-sized lap dog is strong and athletic and takes guarding its family and territory very seriously. There are many options to keep your rottweiler content outdoors.

Tips for Creating a Safe and Fun Yard for your Rottweiler

Some tips can help you create a safe and fun yard for your rottweiler to enjoy.  These tips ensure the safety and well being of your dog as well as everyone else around them.

  • A sturdy and Strong Fence
  • Consider an Invisible Fence
  • Early and Proper Socialization
  • Daily Obedience Training
  • Dog Necessities
  • Don’t Give a Boost
  • A Watchful Eye
  • A Sign on the Fence
  • Entertainment

A Sturdy and Strong Fence

The rottweiler is a strong, large dog that requires the right fence.  It doesn't matter how well behaved they appear to be, any dog always can climb over or dig under the fence.  Use a traditional six-foot fence for this breed of dog.

Even those lovable rottweilers that are lap dogs, you never know how they will react.  A six-foot fence prevents them from seeing what is happening on the other side of the fence.

With a dog of this strength, the material for a traditional fence is important.  There are a variety of options available that can withstand the strength and force of this dog’s power.

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Consider an Invisible Fence

Some are on either side of the invisible fence (pun intended!).

This type of fencing is installed underground at the outer edges of the yard.  It is hooked up electronically to a special collar the dog wears around their neck.  As the dog gets to close to the underground fence line a sound lets them know, this is followed by a physical sensation they feel should they cross the line.

Some will find it a perfect solution so their dog can see what is going on around them while others will find it offensive to shock their dog.

It should be noted we are providing information and knowledge; we are not advocating one fence over another.  We believe each family will choose what works best for their situation.

With regards to a rottweiler, this fence will allow them to see what is going on around them, as well as be seen.  This eliminates surprises for owners, dogs, and outsiders.

Problems could arise should someone enter rottweiler territory.  The rottweiler can still get out of they want to so precautions must be taken.

Pros of an Invisible Fence

  • No barrier obstruction
  • Usually within building code
  • No digging or climbing over
  • Affordable

Cons of an Invisible Fence

  • Controversy over dog safety and well-being
  • Requires training to use
  • Can make bad behaviors worse
  • Outsiders can get in
  • Not escape-proof, dogs can still get out
  • Once out, the dog gets shocked to get back in the yard

It should be noted that some dogs develop anxiety and fear from the shock of the electronic fence.  It can make them apprehensive about getting near the fence.

Early and Proper Socialization

Should an invisible fence be selected this will be of the utmost importance.  It will be impossible to know who and what will try to get near the invisible fence.

Proper socialization is important for everyone’s safety and well-being.  Should they encounter someone they may be less likely to scare them or become aggressive.

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Daily Obedience Training

As noted above, obedience training is the key to managing this breed of dog and their behaviors.  This can lessen the possibility of harm to them or someone else.  Training should include what is expected of them while in the yard, and out of the yard.  All areas of outdoor behavior should be covered.  Professional training should be used if needed.

Rottweiler Necessities

Clean water, a little food or treats, some toys and a safe, comfortable place to rest are the important necessities for your dog’s overall health when in the yard.  Having these available will help to make your furry friend happier and friendlier.

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Don’t Give a Boost

With a traditional fence, when designing your yard keep in mind that a dog can use many objects to boost themselves up and over a fence.  Keeping these items away from the fence will be important for keeping your rottweiler in (imagine the surprise if your neighbor sees the rottweiler climbing over the fence into their yard!).

A Watchful Eye

While the rottweiler is an excellent guard dog it is still a good idea to keep an eye on them periodically, this would be true for any dog.

Keeping an eye on your dog will protect them as well as others from harmful situations.  This will prevent them from frightening someone, being destructive or becoming overly curious.

A Sign on the Fence

If using a traditional fence, placing a sign on the outside of the fence can warn of a dog and what type of dog.  This shows respect and prevents them from entering the yard unescorted.

A dog’s behavior can never be fully determined from one moment to the next.  When someone enters their territory, it can be hard to determine how they will react.

They might be the house cuddle bear but when it comes to protecting, it’s not playtime for the rottweiler.  They are serious about protecting their family and territory.  Safety precautions must be taken.

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A variety of toys can entertain and exercise your rottweiler.  This will keep them healthy and happy.

Creating the perfect backyard paradise for your rottweiler can provide fun and entertainment.  This will stop them from worrying about what’s on the other side of the fence.

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Possible Problem Areas Regarding Fencing in a Rottweiler

The biggest problem for a rottweiler is their size and physical abilities.  The rottweiler is a big and strong dog that can maneuver its way around with ease.  If they want to get over, under or through a fence, they will.

They are very intelligent and thrive in obedience training.  They must know what is expected of them.

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Local Rules and Regulations

Check with the local township and municipality rules about fencing.  Each has its own set of rules and regulations regarding fence installation.

Consult their Veterinarian

Consult their veterinarian or professional trainer before selecting a fence.  They can help determine which is best for their personality and temperament.  Figuring in your family’s lifestyle and living situation is also important.

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In Conclusion

Whatever fencing you choose for your rottweiler they will keep you on your toes.  It might make you wonder who is receiving the obedience training!

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