August 13 2019

A Guide for Apartment Dwellers Who Want a Pooch

For those of us who live in an apartment it can be a very comfortable life that we wish to share with a beloved dog.

How should you decide on which breed of dog is best for apartment living?  The  most important factor is actually behavior and personality.  Size is also a major consideration but some larger dogs do very well in apartments if they have the correct personality.

Size of the Dog - All Size Dogs can be Comfortable Living in an Apartment

Size is important when it comes to having a dog in an apartment, but it isn’t the only factor to consider.   Like we human’s many dogs have no trouble adjusting to different living quarters.  There may however be some modifications to be made to keep you and your pooch comfortable, regardless of size.  If you have a larger dog be sure there is enough room for them to move about comfortably without bumping into things.  Keeping your apartment furniture and decorations on the simple side will help, as will keeping your living quarters clutter free.

Personality - Those Dogs with a Calm Personality will do Best in an Apartment

The best way of selecting a dog for your companion while living in an apartment is by considering their personality first.  Behaviors such as barking and lacking social skills as well as having nervousness and lots of energy are not great for apartment living.

Having a nervous and energetic fur baby living in an apartment without a yard might not be the best idea, especially if you work long hours away from home.  If you happen to have a trusted friend or family member to come by every day to walk and interact with dog it will definitely help.

Dogs with certain personality traits may have a very hard time being cooped up in a small apartment.  There are, however, many dogs that are more relaxed  and won’t rip the couch apart or bark nonstop if they hear a noise outside the door.


Below is a List of Dogs that Seem to Enjoy Apartment Living

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier dog

These pocket pooches are great for apartment living not just because of their size but personality as well.  With a friendly demeanor the Yorkshire Terrier will enjoy socializing with your other apartment dwellers, human and dog.

Average Weight – 4 - 6 lbs.             Average Height – 8 - 9 inches to shoulder

French Bulldog

 French Bulldog dog

These dogs have a very pleasant and quiet personality which makes them ideal for apartment living.  They enjoy relaxing on the best chair in the house and sitting beside you.

Average Weight – 16 - 28 lbs.        Average Height – 11 - 12 inches to shoulder

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise dog

With their friendly and curious personality as well as small stature these dogs bring cuteness to any apartment.  Since their fur is low allergen, those who suffer from allergies will instantly fall in love with them.

Average Weight – 7 -11 lbs.       Average Height – 9 - 12 inches to shoulder


pug dog cute

The Pug is a low energy dog that won’t require you to run laps around the neighborhood to tire them.  Easy going and a lover of naps and snuggling they will adapt well to apartment living.

Average Weight – 14 - 18 lbs.        Average Height – 10 - 14 inches to shoulder

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested Dog

This Chinese Crested is highly intelligent, emotionally sensitive, devoted and loving.  They require quite a bit of physical and emotional attention so this should be considered. They do not need much exercise and a daily walk in addition to their indoor exercise should be sufficient.  The Chinese Crested comes in two varieties, the powder puff and hairless.   The powder puff has full thick fur. The  hairless breed has thick fur on its head, legs, and tail, with otherwise smooth skin so their is minimal shedding.

Average Weight – 5 - 12 lbs.      Average Height – 10 - 13 inches to shoulder


maltese dog

The Maltese loves to spend time with their owner so living in an apartment will put them up close and personal with lots of loving affection.  The fact that their coat doesn’t shed too much makes for easy cleaning as well.

Average Weight – 7 - 9 lbs.      Average Height – 8 - 10 inches to shoulder

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon dog

The Brussels Griffon can be mischievous but is friendly to all, human and animal.  With their highly expressive faces and love for naps they will fit well in any apartment setting.

Average Weight – 7 - 12 lbs.          Average Height – 7 - 8 inches to shoulder

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog

This loveable dog has such a friendly demeanor everyone will enjoy spending time petting them.  Great for socializing with other apartment dwellers and their fury companions.

Average Weight – 13 -1 8 lbs.        Average Height – 12 - 13 inches to shoulder

Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier dog.jpg

These attention-grabbing dogs will love the togetherness an apartment provides for hanging out with you.  Although they don’t like being left alone, they are great for apartment living where they can get plenty of one on one time with you.

Average Weight – 18 - 31 lbs.              Average Height – 14 - 16 inches to shoulder

Bassett Hound

Basset Hound Dog

This dog might not seem like the ideal choice for an apartment because of their size but with their easy- going nature, treats, toys and lots of love are all that they need to be happy.

Average Weight – 44 - 60 lbs.        Average Height – 11 - 15 inches to shoulder

 Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu dog.jpg

With a calm, quiet nature these companion dogs are compact and have a polite disposition which make them great for socializing with other apartment dwellers and their fury family members.

Average Weight – 9 - 16 lbs.                Average Height – 8 - 11 inches to shoulder

Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear dog

This tiny dog will love living in an apartment as long as they get plenty of outdoor time with their favorite human companion.  Traditionally considered an indoor dog they will spending time in their humble abode.

Average Weight – 11 - 15 lbs.              Average Height – 9 - 13 inches to shoulder

English Bulldog

English Bulldog dog

With low exercise requirements these dogs do very well in a apartment setting.  This low maintenance dog is friendly and will enjoy a relaxing evening in your cozy apartment after a good 15-minute walk.

Average Weight – 40 - 50 lbs.              Average Height – 14 - 15 inches to shoulder


Havanese dog

These dogs which are originally from Cuba have a pleasing temperament and friendly personality.  Since they are not aggressive and love to be pampered, apartment life with them will be very pleasing.

Average Weight – 7 - 13 lbs.,   Average Height – 8 - 12 inches to shoulder

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa apso dog.jpg

This alert but very protective dog will bring energy and friendliness to your life.  They can be somewhat uneasy with strangers therefore socializing and training early on is highly recommended.

Average Weight – 12 - 18 lbs.              Average Height – 10 - 11 inches to shoulder


Dachshund dog

Loyal by nature this family dog can fit into apartment life easily.  Friendly and playful that are great companions in any household setting, big or small.  Small in size they can handle a tiny apartment easily.

Average Weight – 11 - 32 lbs.              Average Height – 5 - 9 inches to shoulder

 Miniature Poodle

Miniature Poodle dog

These dogs have a very intelligent nature that makes it easy to train them.  With fur that doesn’t shed much and a regal personality this dog will rule the tiniest of apartments with ease.

Average Weight – 12 - 18 lbs.              Average Height – 11 - 15 inches to shoulder


Basenji dog

 If you live an active lifestyle this dog will make a perfect companion.  They need a lot of exercise and are low maintenance with a coat that doesn’t shed much.  Since they don’t bark your neighbors will love you and your fur baby.

Average Weight – 20 - 26 lbs.              Average Height – 16 - 17 inches to shoulder


Pekingese dog

A dog that is very low maintenance they don’t require much to eat but can be active.  This can be remedied with a walk or some fun playtime indoors if space allows.  They enjoy sitting on laps and relaxing with their human companion.

Average Weight – 8 - 10 lbs.                Average Height – 6 - 9 inches to shoulder


 Pomeranian dog

This compact dog loves performing tricks and responds well to training.  They make a great family pooch and get along well with others in the social setting that will make it easy for them to adjust to life indoors.

Average Weight – 3 - 7 lbs.                Average Height – 8 - 11 inches to shoulder

Great Dane

great dane dog

These huge dogs might seem to be a poor fit for a apartment but they find lounging a very natural activity and will enjoy occupying a whole couch or bed with no problem.   With a calm personality that is social and friendly they are a perfect fit for any apartment.

Average Weight – 99 - 200 lbs.      Average Height – 28 - 34 inches to shoulder


This of course, is not an exhaustive list, there are many other dog breeds that would fit perfectly into your apartment.  The best dog is the one that you love and adore and care for every day.


Things to Consider Before Welcoming a Dog Into an Apartment

There are some considerations to be made when getting a dog if you live in an apartment.  First and foremost, you will want to find out the rules and regulations for your apartment building regarding having a dog.  Some may have restrictions regarding the size of the dog as far a weight and height are concerned.  Others may have restrictions regarding breeds and require that your dog maintain certain behavioral traits as well as training to interact with others that live in the complex, human and animal alike.

It should also be noted that there will likely be a requirement of a deposit for having a pet in your apartment as well as possible monthly charges.  This is used in the event your pooch digs at the door, chews the trim or anything else that might damage the interior or structure of the building.

Therefore, dogs that have excellent training and the right temperament are best suited to apartment life.  Dogs that are easy going and don’t have nervous or bad behaviors that can affect the lives of those around them make the perfect apartment dog.

Apartment life can promote friendships with neighbors and others that will make it easy for your dog to acclimate to a home that doesn’t have a yard to just run around in.

Apartment life can be great fun for you and your dog, encouraging you both to get out in the great outdoors with others, this can promote a healthier lifestyle for you both!  Both my pooch and I started getting more exercise after we moved into an apartment in the city.   With regular daily walks for fun and to run errands as well as going out to eat and frequent visits to the nearby park we are exhausted every day.

When living in an apartment with dog that craves exercise it is important to choose activities that you both enjoy.  We have some great articles concerning quite a few popular exercise choices: Running with Your DogSurfing with Your Dog, Bicycling with Your DogKayaking with Your DogBicycling with Your Dog, and Hiking with Your Dog.


In Conclusion

No matter which dog you choose for your companion in an apartment, they will need to get enough physical activity, mental stimulation and plenty of affection and playtime with you their best friend to behave their best.  For further reading has an article titled Can I Have a Pet in My Apartment



Yorkshire Terrier
4 - 6
8 - 9
French Bulldog
16 - 28 
11 - 12 
Bichon Frise
7 - 11
9 - 12
14 - 18 
10 -  14 
Chinese Crested
5 - 12
10 - 13
7 - 9
8 - 10
Brussels Griffon
7 - 12
7 - 8
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
13 - 18
12 - 13
Tibetan Terrier
Bassett Hound
44 - 60
11 - 15
Shih Tzu
9 - 16
8 - 11
Coton de Tulear
11 - 15
9 - 13
English Bulldog
40 - 50
14 - 15
7 - 13
8 - 12
Lhasa Apso
12 - 18
10 - 11
11 - 32
5 - 9
Miniature Poodle
12 - 18
11 - 15
20 - 26
16 - 17
8 - 10
6 - 9
3 - 7
8 - 11
Great Dane
99 - 200
28 - 34


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